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We found the best source for organic, healthy nutritional herbal food supplements.

The history of using food herbs for better health, longevity and natural skin care began in the mists of ancient China. The Chinese strove to harmonize their way of living and eating with the way of nature.

Ancient Herbal Formulas – Modern Nutritional Need

Their success with their various formulas can be measured by the vitality, longevity and stamina these herbal supplements afford. The philosophy of regeneration was founded on the research into feeding the body nutritious food combinations and finding that the body would regenerate itself – replacing aging cells with healthier cells.

Foundational to their search for health, the Chinese tested each herb and then the herbal formulas for 100 years to see its affects over several generations. And we thought the FDA had a slow approval process!

Many of these herbal foods are rare and are not easily available in Europe or North America. The organic Chinese herbal food formulas that were passed down from this time are still valued for their health and regeneration properties.

Unique Chinese Herbal Food Company

In 1982, two Chinese doctors fulfilled their dream of bringing these beneficial Chinese herbal food formulas in a concentrated form to people all over the world. The founders had the unique personal histories, professional medical and scientific training and positive outlook on life that were necessary to create products founded on the Philosophy of Regeneration.

In order to maintain high food quality and low production costs, our source company:

  • Is debt free and running a successful business since 1982;
  • Built the largest herbal processing facility in the world;
  • Created a network of organic herbal food sources in Asia and America;
  • Received the FDA’s pharmaceutical grade food manufacturing status
  • Herbal foods are uncontaminated by herbicides, pesticides, or any toxic substance;
  • Manufacturing process never takes the formulas to a temperature that will damage the nutritional level of the enzymes;
  • Finally, the herbs are concentrated and formulated so that their positive qualities are enhanced and their nutritional effect is maximized.

Due to the level of sophistication in the formulation and concentration,no company has been able to duplicate these remarkable herbal supplements.

Food Grade Herb Versus Medicinal Herb

Food grade herbs feed your body nutrition that the body can then use as needed in the body’s natural processes.

A medicinal herb, through a biochemical process, mimics a body signal and forces the body to take a particular action. While food grade herbs help the body address underlying problems or imbalances, medicinal grade herbs, while successfully masking the surface symptoms, further stress the body at the point of the underlying imbalance.

The difference between Oriental and Western medicine is similar to the difference between a gardener who nurtures plants to health (Oriental medicine) and a mechanic who likes to go in and replace what is broken (Western medicine). While the Western approach has its place, especially in trauma care, the Oriental health philosophy is more successful and practical for a pro-active fitness, weight management or nutrition regime.

Best Source – Direct Delivery

These herbal supplements, natural skin care products and healthy weight loss formulas are drop shipped directly to you. There are no order minimums.

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