What Athletes Have to Say About Organic Chinese Herbal Foods…

June 18, 2011

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods is working for me…it has helped to regulate my diet and give that extra umph and eliminate some of the ups and downs I might have during practice. ”

  • Sharon Jewele – Bronze Medalist, Tae Kwon Do, 1988 Summer Olympics

“In my experience with Organic Chinese Herbal Foods – its helped me a lot with endurance and stamina.”

  •  Jimmy Kim – Gold medalist, World Games. Gold medalist, Pan Am games 1988 Summer Olympics

Describing his first introduction to the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products by fellow athlete. Vance Anderson: “18 miles into the race…he gave me some Cleansing Tea… just a few minutes later I felt like I had eaten a banana…Ever since I’ve tried Energy Tea and Cleansing Tea. I haven’t done a race without it.

  • John Brewer – Wheel Chair Athlete-Gold medalist, 1988 Para Olympic Games

“I believe that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods made the difference in my making the Olympic team.”

  • Dana Hee — Gold Medalist, Taekwando, 1988 Summer Olympic Games

“I tried some of the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products and I had more energy. I was stronger and finished workouts stronger…I felt better after every workout.”

  • Arlene Limas -Gold Medalist, Tae Kwon Do, 1988 Summer Olympics

“Organic Chinese Herbal Foods raised my energy level. It helps keep your weight down.”

  • Greg Baker -five times National Champion, Tae Kwon Do. Bronze Medalist 1988 Summer Olympics

“Organic Chinese Herbal Foods helped me so much as far as my energy and recovery between practices that I was amazed. It has helped to regulate my total system and helped regulate my whole overall body…I use Organic Chinese Herbal Foods as my edge…I just want to say something to young people – You should definitely say no to drugs and yes to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods !

  • Linette Love – 10 times national champion, Gold Medalist 1988 Summer Olympics, Tae Kwon Do

“I tried Organic Chinese Herbal Foods and was really impressed with it right away…the beauty about being healthy and fit and the products Organic Chinese Herbal Foods puts out is that when your body is healthy so is your mind and when your mind is healthy you can do anything. It doesn’t matter what happens in your life.

  • Candace Cable Brooks – Wheel Chair Athlete – Gold medalist Para Olympic Games


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