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healthy weight loss productsHerbal Teas For Healthy Weight Loss

Shift your healthy weight loss into high gear with herbal teas that naturally and safely help you lose both water weight and fat. Many people think herbal teas are good for weight loss because they are low calorie drinks. However, our herbal teas are more than just green tea.

Green teas are a healthy replacement for sugared juices and high calorie drinks. As well as green tea, our herbal teas are full of oriental herbs long used for quick and healthy weight loss and weight management. This formulation of herbal concentrates cleanses the organs of unhealthy fat as well as dissolves the fat deposits in the body.

Two thousand years ago Chinese martial arts experts discovered that certain rare herbal teas not only replenish and cleanse body systems, but also cause fat cells to be “liquefied” and either used for energy or released from the body completely.

Our herbal teas are created from these time-tested Chinese formulas! From planting, harvesting, concentrating to formulation, the ingredients to our herbal teas stay potent and pure – no irradiation to compromise the nutritional value of the herbs.

Alkaline Herbal Teas

These two herbal tea formulas create a very healthy alkaline environment for your cells. In an alkaline environment, impurities are less likely to be absorbed into the body’s systems during digestion. Fat is acidic and these alkaline herbal tea concentrates help dissolve the fat quickly.

The Two Herbal Tea formulas for Weight Loss
Herbal Tea Formula C is an herbal tea concentrate that contains polyphenols or catechins,  super-effective free radical fighters. This formula absorbs free radicals and provides deep cleansing internally, facilitating the cells’ ability to shed fat or burn it as energy.

Herbal Tea Formula C comes in tea bags and herbal ingredients are so concentrated that one bag can be used for 1 to 2 quarts of hot water. You can dilute your tea more or less as you feel comfortable and desire to do so.

The second herbal tea, Herbal Tea Formula FD, also contains catechins, the naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals in green tea. The formula was developed by martial artists long ago to promote healing and repair of the digestive and muscular systems and also works very well in getting rid of water weight.

In Chinese medicine, the ingredients of Herbal Tea Formula FD are targeted to nourish and cleanse the stomach, gall bladder, intestines, and liver. These organs are key for fat metabolism and their health is the key to your slenderness long past middle age.

These healthy and rare herbal tea formulations are only available through our source company. These herbal tea concentrates and are available in the original herbal flavor or delicious peach, lemon, raspberry, cinnamon
and mint

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