Healthy Weight Loss

healthy weight loss productsHealthy Weight Loss Works With Your Body

Beyond the many fad diets available, we found healthy weight loss supplements that safely and naturally work with your body. Lose weight naturally and become healthier while you eat. The secret lies in nourishing the cells, raising the metabolism, supporting the organ system, and managing appetite. It’s time you benefited from these products!

The healthy weight loss products we recommend strengthen your body and actually regenerate your body’s systems. Regeneration means you can be younger, more slender and healthier while you lose weight!

The Cellular Key To Weight Loss

Cellular biochemistry has everything to do with how great you look! The cells must be nourished and the cellular environment at it’s optimum for your body to lose weight and keep it off. Cells that are bloated, hungry or toxic do not regenerate healthy young cells but duplicate an unhealthy state.

Healthy weight loss starts with creating healthy cells. Super-nutrition creates healthy cells that naturally release stored fat. According to Chinese health philosophy, an overweight condition is a sign the body is starving for nutrition. Their weight loss herbal formulas focus on providing needed nutrition as well as internal cleansing. Just what your body needs!

The Metabolism Key-the Fat Thermostat

Dr. William Bennett and Joel Gurin in their book, The Dieter’s Dilemma point out that the body has its own “fat thermostat”, an internal mechanism that regulates the fat level. Hunger, physical exercise and the metabolic rate change the internal setting of this thermostat, determining when the body sheds or gains fat.

This thermostat is a tireless physiological mechanism designed to keep the person’s weight at an inner preset level. The secret of how to lose weight is to work with the body’s fat thermostat rather than against it.

Most weight loss pills are either chemical manipulators of the body’s feedback loop (the biochemical intelligence that operates between the “I want to eat” and “I’m full signals) or stimulants that artificially raise the metabolism to burn off excess calories.

The drawback is that these “force’ an action by the body, instead of supporting its natural processes. A secret of losing weight is to aid the body in naturally resetting your fat thermostat – the metabolic rate.

Optimize Organ Systems For Weight Loss

The body is a miracle of the inter-workings of an intricate organ system. Besides regulating blood chemistry, immune response, hormone levels, digestion and assimilation – these systems are also key to healthy fat metabolism. Healthy weight loss depends on these organs functioning well.

As the gall bladder, liver, kidney and intestines are cleared of unhealthy fatty deposits, they are better able to burn fat for energy or evacuate it as waste products. As you lose weight, you begin to feel stronger and more energetic as these pockets of stored energy are released!

The lymphatic system works through all the liquid elements of the body and is key to our immune system and its defense of the body. With a stronger immune system, your body allows unnecessary fat stored to protect systems and organs to be removed. A healthy lymphatic system also allows pounds of unhealthy water weight to be flushed out.

Here are the special Healthy Herbal Weight Loss Formulas:

Weight Loss Formula AC: Breaks down excess fat into micro lipids the body uses for energy or releases as waste.

Weight Loss Formula ST: This herbal formulation is “will power in a bottle” that relieves the appetite naturally.

Weight Loss Formula MB:  Enhances metabolism at the cellular level with an exclusive combination of ingredients that promote the transformation of nutrients into energy.

Weight Loss Formula MS: A rare formula targets the tummy area and the weight put on by hormonal imbalances or blood sugar and insulin problems brought on by middle age.

Our perfectly calibrated formula contains an exclusive combination of antioxidants, plant extracts, and tea catechins to help increase metabolic efficiency, so you feel lighter, healthier, and more energetic.

Contact us to order your 100 capsule weight loss formula bottles and begin burning fat naturally!