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Why is the weight loss market so huge? Books, TV and magazine ads, a tidal wave of Adword campaigns, and infomercials daily hit us with weight loss supplements, drinks, diets and exercise regimes. The   market is huge because people are still searching for an effective healthy weight loss solution amidst a sea of programs that do not work.

All diets and weight loss programs that force the body to shed weight also cause the weight regain when the coercive measures are stopped. Frustration and stress at the yo-yo weight battles takes its toll also.

One problem is that, in attempting to offer a “silver bullet”,  weight loss programs usually don’t address people’s different body types and metabolic rates, underlying nutrition deficiencies, and hormone balance. Without a weight loss program that addresses these areas, the probability is that the weight loss program will be unsuccessful at best and hurt your health at worst.

Most Western doctors are not trained in nutrition or the effects of diets on hormone balance. This is unfortunate since these are key factors to consider in losing weight and regaining a healthy body.

Nutrition Key To Healthy Weight Loss

The Chinese health philosophy 2,000 years ago made the seemingly counter-intuitive claim that over weight conditions were a sign of starving or malnutrition. However, Western research has proved this correct: if you are not getting nutrition in your food, the body will hold onto extra weight trying to store up reserves in search in nutrition.

A healthy diet is key to weight loss, however it has to be very nourishing. We have found a weight loss supplement line that addresses all areas for all body types and metabolic rates:
1. Nutrition in the form of organic, concentrated herbal foods added to a healthy  ,
2. Fiber to clear out toxins and waste material,
3. Herbal teas that easily replace soft drinks and speed up water weight loss and fat burning,
4. Natural herbal weight loss supplements that work with the body to lose weight, block fat storage and accelerate melting fat, and these all complement an
5. Aerobic exercise program.

Concentrated Nutrition And Fast, Healthy Weight Loss

The history of using food grade herbs to build and regenerate health has over a 2,500 year history in China. These herbs are not medicinal herbs that force the body to perform.

These weight loss health supplements are food herbs that provide concentrated nutrition that your body’s native intelligence uses to repair, balance and build your immune, digestive, respiratory, endocrine and circulatory systems.

Read our weight loss articles for more information and contact us to get on your safe and healthy weight loss program. Your road to vitality and health just got shorter.