Success With Sports Nutrition Products

June 18, 2011

Henry F. is a black belt in martial arts. He eats Sports Formula, Herbal Energy, and Cleansing Tea for added energy during workouts and competition. Henry found that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods is food that can be eaten immediately before vigorous exercise, and that Sport Nutrition helps fuel bursts of energy needed for fast-paced martial arts as well as the endurance and stamina needed for cross-training sports: running, swimming, and biking. Henry added the Sport Nutrition products to years of eating Nu Energy, Endocrine Formula, Korean Ginseng, Joint Formula, Nervous System Formula, and Brain Formula for energy, quick muscle recovery and concentration during exercise.

Helene’s 71-year-old mother Susie L. noticed a real difference in her stamina and energy level after eating the Sports Formula along with her Sunpack.

Peter M., a licensed pharmacist and nutritionist, has found that adding the Sport Nutrition products has helped him add 1 inch to his chest and 18 pounds to his frame. At approximately 4 1/2% body fat, this kind of increase is fantastic and he says it took only 6 weeks. Peter found himself going to heavier and heavier weights more quickly than usual and recovery time was very short.

Paula K., a dentist, has been offering Nutritional Snack Bars to her young patients and their parents as an alternative to candy bars. She loves the fact that even her patients wearing braces can enjoy this food and that there is no added sugar or preservatives.

15 year-old Nancy uses Sports Formula before every sports activity. As a cheerleader, she is Still bouncing with energy when the game is over. Her mother Diane has also introduced the Sports Formula to an aerobics instructor who can’t believe the difference in his energy level. He eats the Sports Formula before every class.

John and Jason tried Sport Nutrition products to have better workouts. Their energy Level was increased significantly, giving them more hours of productive workout time. With a manual labor job, John finds the Herbal Energy, Sports Formula, and Cleansing Tea mixed with a Nu Energy give him an incredible amount of stamina to finish his jobs with energy left over for a workout at the Y.

After working hard all day as a waitress, Patti H. gives her energy level a boost with Herbal Energy. She says that not only can she get through a structured workout including a stairmaster, biking, and free weights, she has energy left over to clean the house, make dinner for her 10 year old and her husband, and still feel great

Nutririonist Blare W. was quoted as saying “Herbal Energy gives me sustained energy and provides increased mental clarity regardless of how much work I have to produce. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Tina S. reports that her mentally handicapped students love the Nutritional Snack Bar as a lunch alternative. They are not only convenient but also good for the children (and the teachers).


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