Stevia And Natural Weight Loss

June 12, 2010

Your weight loss program gets easier with a natural no-sugar sweetener called stevia.

Our popular new stevia supplement is available in a clear formula, as well as the dark original formula that only takes a few drops to make your next cup of tea naturally sweet with no extra calories or carbohydrates!

Stevia – Herbal Sweetness

Is it possible? Yes, stevia tastes sweeter than sugar, and it promotes weight loss!

Stevia contains natural compounds… that are estimated to be 150 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. Advocates claim that the herb also offers a host of health benefits, and is even a tonic for the skin. But here’s the clincher: Stevia sweetens without calories. While it tastes sweeter than honey, it’s about as fattening as water. -From the article Sinfully Sweet.

Stevia, unlike all the other sweeteners on the market, does not cause a hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, insulin, inulin, hypoadrenal or hyperadrenal reaction. This means your pancreas won’t go bananas trying to balance your blood sugar after you drink your stevia supplemented health shake or herbal teas! Make your drinks tastier and still lose weight.

Diabetics can check with their doctors to monitor its effect on their systems.

Stevia contains other amazing properties that make it valuable as a health supplement as well as a weight loss accelerator.  Studies in Germany and Japan found stevia to have antifungal, anti-viral and antibacterial properties. Our stevia supplements are the best formulations of stevia on the market. Both supplements are not refined from stevia, but is the concentrated herb, thus retaining these beneficial health properties.

Remember, keep a Stevia bottle with you at all times, so if you’re at a restaurant and tempted to reach for a sugar packet or one of those gnarly pink ones, you have a healthy sugar alternative.  Use Stevia in our convenient small bottles and keep yourself lean and your blood sugar balanced!

History of Stevia

Two hundred years ago, in the highlands of Paraguay, the Guarani Indians gathered around their warm campfires and sipped a sweet brew made from the leaves and twigs of the nearby plant, stevia rebaudiana. More than a nonfattening sugar substitute (no calories), one test showed that it causes a hypoglycemic activity-reducing and even balancing blood sugar levels. Other studies concurred with the Paraguayan claims that stevia tea helps digestion and supports gastrointestinal tract functions.

Sionce the late 90s in Japan, stevia claimed 41% of the sweetener market. This “sweet herb” also has been reported to help with weight management by regulating metabolic functions and by its diuretic properties.

Dr. Lawrence Lin of the Center For Food Safety and Applied Nutrition noted the market for stevia could be vast.  Stevia is perfect for adding to your herbal teas and the concentrated whole food herb supplements we found.

Stevia – Clearly The Sweetest!

Our Stevia formula is a unique stevia concentrate – not a refined product derived from stevia. Just a few drops of stevia in water with a squeeze of lemon creates a tasty drink that you and children will love.

Contact us to order your bottle of delicious, no calorie, no carb and healthy Stevia and jump start your weight loss program. Get a bottle, for home, work and the road!


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