Herbal Skin Care Products

Herbal skin care products

Herbal Skin Care Products

A Natural Skin Care Regenerative Secret: Smooth supple skin is dependent on the natural balance of oil and water. Too much or too little of either causes skin to be out of balance. The oil and water balance are required by healthy skin for both moisturizing and cleansing.

These herbal skin care products include natural ingredients and aromatherms that all skin types use in their protection and moisturizing processes. Each of the following products is a necessary part of a “complete recipe” for proper Cleansing, Balancing and Moisturizing of the skin. Your skin can be naturally radiant, youthful, and healthy.

This complete Herbal Skin Care Program regenerates the skin. There are also special skin treatments for sensitive and for aging skin.

Herbal Oil-based Cleansing Cream (formula CC) is a very rich herbal oil-based cleansing cream. It is designed to gently remove makeup, surface dirt, pollution, oil-based impurities and eye make-up. This is better than water-based facial cleansers that tend to push oily dirt into the pores and hair follicles.

Follow the cleansing cream with the water-based cleansing foam to remove any remaining material for perfectly clear skin.

Herbal Water Based Cleansing Foam (formula CF) cleanses the impurities in the facial follicles and pores while hydrating with rich moisturizers. Use a pearl-sized drop of this herbal cleansing foam to create a sudsy lather in your hands. Gently rub it on your face to cleanse and provide nutrients that balance the skin.

Herbal Cleanser (formula RC) is formulated with a unique combination of herbal and citrus fruit extracts to revitalize your skin by combining ingredients that clean and soften, smooth, and moisturize. Your skin will feel refreshed and energized. This herbal cleanser is so mild and gentle that it is very beneficial for people 50 years young and older.

Herbal Balancing Toner (formula BS) is an alcohol-free herbal astringent that restores the acid mantle, refine the skin’s texture, and tones without compromising the skin’s natural moisture. Prepares skin for moisturizer and makeup. Spray onto 100% cotton ball or pad to apply.

Herbal Moisturizing Lotion (formula DML) is an herbal lotion rich in natural emollients and squalane that creates and retains surface moisture that you put on in the morning. These herbs permeate the skin down to the third layer bringing natural moisture and protecting the skin from drying.

Herbal Nighttime Moisturizing Lotion (formula NE) is an incredible oil-soluble herbal formula that supports the sebum layer while sealing in moisture. Without a healthy sebum layer, a large percentage of your skin’s water content can evaporate overnight. This squalane-rich herbal cream seals the skin’s moisture all night without blocking the pores. It also protects your skin against the effects of pollution and aging.

Herbal Skin Clarifying Masque (formula RM) for youthful-looking skin. Ever wonder why men’s skin looks so good when you know they aren’t trying to maintain it? They “slough off” dead skin daily by shaving. When skin cells are not sloughed off, the skin becomes keratonized (rough or hardened). Hardened skin prevents absorption of beneficial nutrients and impedes the vital functions of the skin.

Use this herbal masque a few times weekly to remove dead skin cells. This clear gel-like masque glides on the skin, dries and removes deeply imbedded impurities, leaving fresh new skin on the surface.

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