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Natural Skin Care For Beautiful Skin

We treasure beautiful skin but how do we find skin care products that are actually beneficial? Our natural skin care products create beautiful skin in a beneficial and healthy way. Our holistic skin care products not onl make you look radiant, they nourish your skin. Most skin care treatments on the shelves of high-end boutiques, department stores and the sales rack at the discount stores fail to nourish and often dry out your skin. has unique natural skin care secrets for you. Discover natural Chinese skin care formulas and high tech formulation secrets that create the finest holistic skin product line – give your skin a second chance at youthful looks.

With natural skin care, you can treat your skin as a translucent window to your radiant inner-self, not just as an ornament. Your skin is a key part of your defense system and respiratory system. It must be allowed to breathe. Skin regulates body temperature and is such a great cleansing organ that health professionals call it a third kidney.

The outer layer of the skin is covered with a protective coating called the “acid mantle”. It is created by sebum from the oil glands and water from the sweat glands. When the skin is working in balance, the acid mantle fights bacteria and fungus, lubricates and moisturizes, buffers caustic irritants and blocks toxic agents.

Most skin care products  – even the high priced ones –  are created to make your skin look good, not to create a balanced skin condition. Unfortunately, their long-term effect is to dry out and damage your skin.

Current research suggests that it takes an average of 35 days to complete the skin’s regeneration process. Age, health and exfoliation of dead skin cells vary this process. Our natural skin care program assists this natural regeneration process to renew and reveal your youthful beauty.

Why Do I Need a Natural Skin Care Program?

Your skin “faces” harsh assaults from air pollution, harsh chemicals and the sun’s UVA and UVB rays photo-damaging effects. Dry air common at high altitudes, in climate-controlled environments and air travel also age the skin. Internal factors such as food preservatives, flavor enhancers, high salt, fat and sugar levels common in the standard American diet also take their toll on the skin.

A regenerating skin care regime combined with healthy nutrition revives the skin and diminishes signs of aging such as wrinkling, discoloration, dryness or acne.

Why Should I Change My Present Skin Care Line?

We place our personal beauty and skin care in the hands of companies we trust. Many prestigious skin care companies’  re-label products made by wholesale manufacturers – cost is a major driver in choosing ingredients. Since your skin quickly absorbs whatever substance contacts it – so “trust, but verify” the source and type of ingredients.

Unfortunately cheap and cosmetically effective ingredients include animal by-products, petrochemicals and mineral oil. Mineral oil and petrochemicals block the pores of the skin, trapping in dirt and smothering the skin’s ability to breathe. Only the images created by expensive marketing campaigns, not the ingredients, separate the different brands.

Natural Skin Care Products That Create Healthy Skin

The products we carry are organic and the ingredients are derived from Herbs, fruits, and vegetable sources. They contain the best moisturizers, aromatherms, herbs and botanicals in formulations that nourish, balance, cleanse and beautify skin of all ages. Skin care with no mineral oil, no petroleum, no animal by-products.

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Please contact us for healthy, natural skin care products. We look forward to talking with you and helping you with a personalized skin care treatment program with the best product available on the market.

Welcome to the world of regenerative natural skin care!

Welcome to an incandescent and remarkable concept in skin care! Our source for truly regenerative and natural skin care is a privately owned company, founded by herbalists whose innovative herbal skin care program creates beautiful skin from without and from within.

Uncover your inherent beauty and become healthier in the process. Beauty from within comes from the nutritious support of unique regenerative herbal-based skin care formulas and the beneficial treatment of the skin with the finest herbal skin care products. Organic Chinese herbal skin care regenerates your skin into soft, youthful-looking skin.