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Pet Health Success

Here are a number of pet health success stories showing success with the concentrated whole food Chinese herb supplements. Pets can benefit from super nutrition and regenerate too!

This story is about my friend and her less than three months old kitten that was lethargic. They later found out that she was bleeding from both ends. They were really afraid that she would not survive. The owners’ first instinct was to feed the kitten organic Chinese herbal foods. Since the kitten was not interested in eating anything so my friend took warm milk and she put a large amount of the herbal immune system formula in it and the kitten instantly started drinking the milk.

The kitten is doing fine now and gets the herbal Immune formula every day and also the Herbal Digestive Formula as well.

A older cat in Las Vegas: This16 year old cat was losing weight and did not have as much pep as she used to. A visit to the vet brought the verdict that it looked like that she was going into kidney failure. The vet said it was just a matter of time before the cat would die. My friend took her back home and started giving the cat a half of a cap of  the Herbal Circulatory Formula and put it in her soft kitty food every morning. The cat regained her weight and returned to her normal active self. My friend is very happy that her cat is still alive and with them.

A dog story about a miniature poodle: this poodle was eleven years old .The poodle was taken to the vet to get a series of routine shots and when the dog got home, she began to vomit and had bloody diarrhea. She wouldn’t drink. She would not even keep water down. They had to take the dog back to the vet and the dog ended up staying at the vet’s for a week and was given IV fluids (intravenous fluids). You can imagine how much this cost. Their thinking was that it was related to those medications that the dog had got. They were concerned about their vet bill and they decided to feed the dog organic Chinese herbal food supplements. The vet had suggested feeding the dog rice so the owner fed the dog rice and put the Herbal Formula NP and the Herbal digestive formula on top of the rice. The dog ate the food quickly and she seemed to come through the illness really fast.

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods have done great things for Pets.

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