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Nutrition and nutritional supplementsPowerful Nutritional Supplements From “Harmony” Herbs

Nutritional supplements by their nature are the vitamins and minerals we need that are deficient in our daily diet. The Chinese discovered a third attribute to nutritional supplements 2000 years ago. These are the food herbs, fruits and roots that are catalytic. Catalytic foods have the ability to help you get more nutrition out of the healthy food you eat as well as providing their superior nutrition.

Think about the difference between an organic carrot root and a ginseng root. The carrot is a great food with nutritious Vitamin A and enzymes. Carrots are grown in a few months and need to be harvested or they will rot in the ground. After harvesting, the carrots need to be eaten before they deteriorate. The Ginseng root maintains its vitality for a longer period of time. Ginseng is grown in cold and harsh mountainous regions for several years, stores for  long periods of time and holds its nutritional content.  Herbal nutritional supplements have the property of promoting long-lasting health.

Harmony Food Herbs – Powerful Nutritional Supplements

Over the ages, ancient herbalists and Taoist naturalists thoroughly studied the health properties of herbs, classifying herbs into three categories:

  • Harmony or food grade herbs that can be eaten indefinitely,
  • Medicinal herbs that could be taken occasionally for short periods of time, and
  • Poisonous plants that shouldn’t be taken at all (usually not more than once!).

The Harmony herbs are the crucial missing part of the standard American diet. How safe are these food herbs? The herbalists tested the effects of the harmony herbs and herbal formulas for 100 years before they could be entered into the herbal pharmacopoeia. These herbs are very potent,  alkalizing, and – due to their catalytic property – give the body much more energy than regular foods.

Even though Nature created a huge variety of leaves, seeds, fruits, and roots for our consumption, our supermarket selection is largely determined by cost-effectiveness of planting, harvesting and transporting – not by which are the most nutritious. Dietary favoritism also played its hand as people  rejected foods that were not salty or sweet. These elements led to the catalytic foods getting eliminated from our diets and the current need for nutritional supplements.

Whole food nutritional supplements can make a difference in your wellness and health. Super nutrition concentrated from harmony herbs creates nutrient-dense, catalytic and powerful food. Your body can regenerate if it is nourished, its systems balanced and waste material cleansed from the cells. We have found a source of concentrated herbal nutritional supplements that provides a foundational nourish, balance and cleanse program for your health.

Nourish: with the nutrient-dense Nutritional Supplement (NP).
NP product is a whole body tonic, a proprietary herbal formula that contains non-allergenic herbs such as coix fruit, lotus seed, fox nut, waterlily bulb and herbal nuts. It comes in delicious flavors and nourishes with protein, essential fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates. This formula is great for nutritious shakes for kids, anyone with impaired digestion, body builders and on-the-go professionals.

Balance: Nutritional Supplement (Q) that is fifty concentrated herbs!
Nutritional Supplement (Q) is a five-element concentrate that balances and supports the five key systems of the body: the immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Each of these body systems supports and  “controls” the others. They are meant to function in balance like a team of horses all pulling together with equal speed, strength and energy. Use Formula Q as a tea, add to your health shake, or take it in capsule form. It is a super nutritional charge that your whole body will feel.

Cleanse: with Herbal Tea formula (C) and Herbal Tea formula (FD).
These delicious and rejuvenating concentrated whole food herbal beverages help cleanse fat from the system and get rid of extra water weight. You will feel the difference between these health elixirs the usual weaker herbal and green teas.

These three herbal nutritional supplements will jump start your health and super nutrition diet. Contact us today for a nutritional supplement program that is natural, safe,  nourishing, balancing and cleansing!