Herbal Vitamins

Nutrition and nutritional supplementsHerbal Vitamins Fulfill Daily Requirements Naturally

Although vitamins add nutrition to your diet, only food-sourced or herbal vitamins are 100% absorbed and utilized by the body – vitamins from isolates are not.  Researchers have found that that at best, a person only absorbs 10% of an isolated vitamin. Herbal vitamins are absorbed 100% and utilized fully for health.

Dr. Joseph Beasley in his book The Betrayal of Health pointed out, “The web of nutrition cannot be torn at any point without disturbing the whole.” Your body absorbs all the vitamins when their source is concentrated from a food in such way that its natural synergy is preserved.

We found a source of natural herbal vitamin supplementss that concentrated from whole food herbs, fruits and roots that the body recognizes and fully utilizes. These are especially great for kids’ nutritional needs.

Herbal Vitamin formula (VF)
Unlike any other vitamin supplement, the herbal vitamins  in Herbal Vitamin formula (VF) are concentrated from delicious herbs and fruits. They not extractions or chemical isolates.  Some of the herbs are only grown and harvested in the wilds of western China. Herbal Vitamin formula (VF) can be added to water to create a healthy sugar-free fruit juice that helps keep the proper acid alkaline balance that is vital for your well-being.

Herbal Vitamin formula (VF) is a tasty source of antioxidant vitamins C and E and betacarotene,  a precursor to vitamin A. This herbal vitamin is a great source of the fat-soluble vitamins A, E and C, natural protection from the ravages of free radicals. There is honey in the formula to counter-balance the very tart herbal fruits.

Herbal Vitamin formula (VF) is also helpful in creating healthy skin through collagen formation, and keeping internal connective tissue healthy.

This formula provides the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and nutrients in their natural synergy of a whole food base. With this balance herbal vitamin, your body can chemically unlock the hundreds of enzymes needed for daily living. Each vitamin has a specific job and, much as they are interdependent in carrying out various functions, they cannot replace each other when there is a deficiency.

The interaction between vitamins and minerals is very complex and researchers do not understand all of them. Some nutrients are little understood and some are still unknown. By concentrating whole herbs and fruits, the “unknown nutrients” remain in Herbal Vitamin formula (VF).

The Power of Herbal Vitamin formula (VS) – a Vitamin B complex spray.

  • Fact: Everyone needs a daily source of B vitamins – they are water soluble and can’t be stored like fat soluble vitamins.
  • Fact: B12 is the hardest to get – vegetarians usually do not have a natural yeast-free source of B12 in their diet.
  • Fact: Most people derive their B12 from red meat. In this day and age of beef hormones and antibiotic shots who knows what is in your beef?
  • Fact: Most B12 supplements on the market are derived from a yeast source.
  • Fact: Caffeine and daily stress rob the body of B Vitamins.

What makes this Vitamin B Complex Spray so healthy?

  • One squirt gives you 100% of your daily requirement of Vitamin B12!
  • It is not derived from a yeast source, so it will not aggravate yeast conditions.
  • It is concentrated and derived only from whole food sources. For example, the sorbitol is extracted from cherries.
  • Herbal Vitamin formula (VS) also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and folic acid needed to absorb B 12.
  • Most sources of B12 only have 1% of the RDA of B12 biologically available. This herbal vitamin has B12 100% bio-available.
  • No sugar added. No artificial ingredients. No other Vitamin B like it.

The pump bottle delivers Vitamin B 12 so that it is quickly absorbed in your mouth. People report that they have found that increasing their herbal B vitamin intake has relieved them of insomnia (sleeplessness) in 1 to 4 days. This isn’t too far-fetched since a lack of Vitamin B 1 can manifest as insomnia.

Contact us to get started with your herbal vitamins today – kids love it. Help yourself deal with your daily stress, boost your energy, and improve your health.