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Your health starts with nutrition and optimum health starts with super-nutrition. Let’s face it, there are key nutritional problems we all face, however there are also little-known, time-tested nutritional solutions to bring you optimum health.

1. The body only recognizes whole foods – not the isolated chemicals found in processed vitamins, minerals and foods. If you eat mega-doses of vitamins to make up for nutritional lack, your body either works to find the co-factors needed to digest it or gets rid of it.

2. The body needs live enzymes to recreate itself and to heal at deep levels.

3. Most foods are grown in poor quality soil, resulting in lower levels of nutrients in the food than decades ago. Even the organic fruits and vegetables that you do eat do not provide you with what you really need. In other words, our stomachs are not large enough to digest the amount of food we need to make up for the loss of nutrition.

“Depleted soils produce deficient foods and deficient foods bring us ill health.”
Dr. William. A. Albrecht, researcher.

“There is only one major disease, and that is malnutrition. All ailments and afflictions are directly traceable to this disease. Food crops grown on depleted soil produce malnourished bodies and disease preys on malnourished bodies.”
DW Cavanough M. D. Cornell University

“The impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health.” [Excerpt from the Senate document #264, adopted by the 74th US Congress, 1936.]

How can we eat enough of the right type of healthy whole foods to make a real difference? How do we solve these nutritional problems?

Unique Health and Nutritional Solutions

The health nutrition solution is simple: Concentrated and organic herbal whole foods and teas added daily to your diet. This is a different “level” of diet.  Herbal whole foods are safe to be eaten daily. These are not the same herbs that are used traditionally for medicine. These are the “harmony” or food grade herbs.

Food-grade herbs are packed with live enzymes, they are “whole” foods that the body can recognize immediately as nutritious food, digest and assimilate swiftly.

In ancient Asia, where these food grade herbs were first discovered and researched, the herbalists noted their effect upon the body for up to 100 years before the herb became categorized as a safe, harmony, or food grade herb.

These harmony herbs and formulas were originally developed by the ancient herbalists with Regeneration of the body as the goal.

Regeneration is the innate power of the human body to heal itself. The body can heal and recreate itself in a healthier way, if it is fed with the right amount of nutritious whole foods. These rare herbal foods are the most powerful, or catalytic, nutrition that can be found.

The next requirement for cells to be able to regenerate is that each cell is nourished, balanced, and cleansed. This allows the cell to recreate itself at a healthier level than its previous state. In this way, your body can improve itself and move from a chronic malnourished dis-eased state to health, strength, and stamina.

How to get these herbal food formulas that regenerate?

We found a source company that provides Simply the Best in concentrated herbal whole foods:

  1. Only “harmony” whole food herbs are used – no medicinal herbs.
  2. They are planted, grown, harvested and concentrated in a process that keeps the enzymes intact and the herbs as whole foods.
  3. The herbal products are formulated to create the most healthful impact on our bodies. The herbal formulas are delicious, convenient and affordable.
  4. The concentrated herbal whole food products are formulated to nourish, balance and cleanse the cellular system of the entire body. These foundation formulas are available in a simple Pack.

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The impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health. [Excerpt from the Senate document #264, adopted by the 74th US Congress, 1936.]