Just Breathe- Gentle Herbal Supplement support for respiratory system

July 26, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Metal Element

Respiratory System Herbal Formula C

This is an ancient herbal formula designed to promote health with the “precious” or metal element system which allows us to breathe, transport oxygen to the cells and maintain healthy lymphatics and lung function.

The herbs are combined to enhance  healthy respiration and are food grade herbs, designed to be safely used daily. With the rise of asthma among children, many people are looking to natural respiratory support and nutritional supplements.


  • Nourishes the lymphatic and respiratory systems
  • Chi and breath are considered almost one and the same. Whatever hampers breathing hampers chi
  • Respiratory: Functions are closely related to the immune system
  • An overactive immune system can damage respiratory tissues
  • An underactive immune system allows respiratory infections like-colds, flu and pneumonia
  • This formula appears to nurture functions that support respiration and that protect it from damage
  • Protection against colds and flu
  • Relief of headaches, migraines and reduces cerebral swelling and pain
  • Relief of congestion in chest and head (sinuses, bronchials)
  • Protection against infections
  • Soothing of the stomach
  • Relief of allergies and building of body resistance.

Illness was perceived by the ancient eastern herbalists as a sign of weakness and vulnerability. Consequently, physicians were charged with the responsibility of developing a formula to sustain and promote good health.

Research has shown Respiratory Formula to be nourishing to the body allowing nutritional emphasis to be placed with the lymphatic, immune and respiratory systems.

The ancient Chinese herbalists attributed their good health to herbal nourishment that enhanced powers of resistance and maintaining a healthy respiratory system as a key line of defense.


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