Muscle Strength

Fitness for robust healthOur fitness nutrition supplements that safely builds muscle strength is a perfect adjunct to any athletic or fitness program.

In a market where many muscle building supplements have long-term harmful side-effects, finding a natural fitness supplement that builds muscle strength and long-term health is a rare find. We found a line of fitness supplements that are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration – that means that their fitness supplements, natural weight loss supplements and natural beauty and skin care products help your body to be healthier and more in shape now and in the future.

The Fitness Supplement (SC) is a very concentrated source of nutrition aiding muscle tone and definition. It combines traditional energy sources such as Bee Pollen, Alfalfa, and Ginseng along with a unique blend of concentrated organic Chinese herbal foods. There are no medicinal herbs or herbs that force muscle performance, only herbs that are nutrition that your body uses to create a healthy muscle strength.

Fitness Supplement (SC) is a fitness food designed for athletes and other active people who seek increased physical stamina and endurance.

The natural ingredients of Fitness Supplement (SC) complement the training process for those involved in bodybuilding through exercise and proper nutrition. This particular supplement was a key part on one competitive weightlifter’s successful fitness program.

The Herbal Tea  (FD) is a source of chlorophyll, electrolytes, green tea anti-oxidant catechins and fat emulsifying herbs.  It is a perfect companion to the Fitness Nutrition supplements. The concentrated food herbs in this delicious cleansing and fortifying tea blend  help your body release lactic acid build-up and help your muscles recover quicker from workouts.

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