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Fitness supplements are an asset to athletes and fitness buffs for their ability to boost performance, endurance and build health. The market also has performance enhancers that have long-term negative health side effects. Our line of fitness supplements has a history of safety, effectiveness and has been approved on the fitness regime of Olympic competitors.

In researching fitness supplements, we found a company whose governing philosophy is if to create fitness supplements that are healthy and safe now and in the future. In their fitness products they do not use medicinal herbs or any plant products that force the body in a certain action.

Taking a closer look at just a few of the ingredients in these fitness herbal supplements reveals a sports nutrition designed to replace vitamins and minerals depleted in workouts.

Chinese Herb Nutrition And Fitness

Some of the herbs nourish and strengthen the muscles as expected. Coming from a Chinese holistic health view, interestingly other herbs support the spleen, which the Chinese found influences your “chi” or energy level. Even from a Western fitness standpoint it makes sense to strengthen the spleen since it has a role in the control of blood- which carries nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Two factors in Chinese fitness is to establish a strong foundation of healthy digestion and spleen function. Both are necessary to transport nutrients to your muscles and organs. Well-fed muscles make the most of exercise, building bulk, definition and tone.

Three Great Herbal Fitness Supplements

Three herbal fitness supplements that create a good foundation for a fitness workout and building health are:

1. Fitness Supplement (SB)
A nutrition-packed herbal supplement in a snack bar.
This is snack bar not only has complex carbohydrates, protein, seeds and nuts but includes herbs that the Chinese use in their longevity formulas. Longevity translates into a Western fitness program as herbs that counter act the wear and tear on cells that we associate with aging. An herbal snack bar that’s great for today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

Containing no sugars or preservatives, this snack bare is designed for maximum nutrient assimilation.

2. Fitness Herbal Supplement (NP) is a source of easily digested complex carbohydrates and plant protein. Protein, as an important building block for muscles, is best taken from a whole food source that can be digested and utilized by the body without creating an over-acid condition that meat can cause. Isolate protein sources lack the surrounding ingredients necessary for the body to see the protein as food and fully digest. Extra protein loading that is can’t be assimilated goes to waste. The complex carbohydrates in this fitness supplement increase your stamina with their slow-burning nature.

3. Fitness Supplement (SR)
Renewed vigor, energy and endurance is the herbal signature of the Fitness Supplement (SR). It is a power-packed nutrient drink in convenient single serve bottles. Lightly flavored with a tangy lemon extract, the Fitness Supplement (SR) is a formula of concentrated herb food extracts that refresh your body before or after a hard workout, or hard day at work. Due to the way this fitness formula is manufactured in pharmaceutical standards, no preservatives or stabilizers are used as ingredients.

The Chinese recognized that true energy is the result of balanced approach to fitness diets and exercise. The more balanced your body systems, the more energy you experience. These fitness supplements are a welcomed replacement food in your fitness diet.

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