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Past Of Fitness Nutrition Is Prologue

The future of fitness nutrition – using safe, effective herbal supplements for maximum health – comes from the past of building fitness for the martial arts!

Two thousand years ago, the Chinese army used intense combative games to keep the soldiers in fighting trim (possibly one of the earliest uses of the term “sore loser”). In order to travel light and maintain their fitness, they relied on “harmony” herbs.

Harmony herbs increase stamina and energy, build muscle mass and repair the damaged muscles and organs – perfect for fitness nutrition. They evolved some very battle-tested herbal formulas. These herbs work with the body systems, not force them, to perform at maximum capacity and health.

The line of Fitness Nutrition supplements we found are based on these time-tested ancient and rare herbal formulas. Just as with the Chinese army, they are helping today’s athletes enjoy high quality workouts, performance and fitness in a safe balanced way.

The Sports and Fitness Nutrition supplements were created to offer athletes a healthy and nutritious alternative to steroids.  The Fitness Nutrition herbal formulas bring the Philosophy of Regeneration to sports, allowing athletes to avoid the “burned out” body common to many athletes in their forties and fifties.

Fitness Nutrition for Sports and Performance

When it comes to your health, it pays to research and use only the best products. Our whole food herbal formulas empower you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Their ingredients are whole food herbs, not isolates or counter-productive performance enhancers.

These fitness nutrition supplements are based on thousands of years of athletic trial and error, not the latest marketing fad.

Use these herbal whole food fitness supplements daily for recovery, replenishing, building strength and muscle definition. Professional athletes and Olympic teams are using these formulas as their fitness nutrition of choice.

Contact us today and begin your fitness regime with the most powerful and effective fitness supplements available.