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Fitness is a way of staying young, healthy, and vital at any chronological age. Fitness and fitness nutrition are for you, whether you are an avid athlete or your exercise is the daily physical demands of your work.

Although some kinds of stress are more beneficial than others, our body responds to all stress the same. Whether you are an athlete, a working professional or a parent handling daily family life, the body processes that help an athlete’s muscles and organs adapt and recover from physical or emotional stress are the same processes that we all use to handle stress.

In order to stay fit, we require additional nutrients to help us adapt quickly to stress and changing body conditions. Fitness comes from efficiently assimilating nutrients, getting oxygen where it is needed most; and rapidly cleansing waste products from our system.

Are you a professional athlete or an avid exerciser, attending the gym a few times a week, jogging, or enjoying a regular sport? If you are you a serious athlete committed to becoming your physical best, and you need that extra edge to help you attain your fitness goals. Sport and fitness nutrition that is concentrated, easy to serve, and formulated to nourish, balance and cleanse your body is tailor-made for you.

Exercise and fitness help you sleep more soundly, enhances the overall function of your immune system, and helps your circulation system such as lowering blood pressure. Regular exercise and being physically fit slows the effects of aging, and lowers the internal set point on the “fat thermostat” or resting metabolic rate. “This means that the well-exercised individual burns calories at a higher rate than a sedentary person even while at rest. Hence, exercise is crucial to anyone seeking to lose weight,” wrote Dr. Joseph Beasley in The Betrayal of Health.

The two types of exercise are anaerobic, used for muscle building, and aerobic, useful for fat burning.  Aerobic exercise workouts should be at least 40 minutes long, three days a week. Aerobic exercise puts oxygen into the cells. Alternating with your aerobic exercise can be three days of muscle-building anaerobic exercise. The body’s process of repairing the muscles after an anaerobic workout builds up muscle mass. Larger muscles help burn more fat since their exertion accounts for 90% of metabolism.

Fitness Programs Utilize Fat For Energy

An analogy for the fat burning process is a burning candle requiring three elements: the candle, air and a wick. To make the fat-burning process easy to remember the acronym FOG:

  • Fat (the candle),
  • Oxygen (the air), and
  • Glycogen (the wick).

Glycogen is the stored energy that is derived from carbohydrates. Muscles recover 30-40% faster if you eat complex carbohydrates within 45 minutes after you finish your exercise. If the body is deficient in glycogen due to a carbohydrate deficiency, it will take it from another source, such as the muscles.

The Herbal Fitness Formula (NP), a superior source of biologically available complex carbohydrates and whole food proteins, gives your body that extra fitness edge – providing lasting energy and helping your muscle repair and building.

Fitness And The Nutritional Edge

Nutrition and vitamin companies strive to come up with an effective fitness line. Enhancing athletic performance without drugs is big business. Unfortunately most companies resort to formulas relying on stimulant herbs, undigestable protein isolates and simple sugars to force the body into better performance.  In the end, your body is left weaker and often out of balance.

Utilizing years of research and knowledge of martial arts nutrition from China, a whole food herbal fitness products are available to give your fitness program a competitive edge. These herbal fitness formulas have been used successfully by Olympic teams and professional athletes to improve performance while building a healthy body.

These safe and effective herbal fitness supplements are based upon the same principle of regeneration that is behind all the whole food herbal products we recommend. The fitness nutrition products are balanced, concentrated whole foods that work with the body’s systems to build strength, stamina and fitness.

Rest and regular exercise combined with these Fitness and Sports Nutrition products are keys to long-term fitness and a toned healthy body.

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