Rachel’s Weight Loss and Health Regeneration

June 18, 2011

By: Pat A., her mother

Going shopping with my 15 year old daughter was becoming a very unpleasant experience. I had always anticipated that shopping together was to be one of the joys of motherhood. Rachel would become grumpy and difficult and finally, I realized the real problem. Over the past year the pounds had been adding up, and shopping only accentuated her increasing dislike of the size she was needing.

Rachel was becoming serious about finding the “right” weight loss program for her. I wanted her to do the Weight Management Program but being the independent young woman that she is, she wanted to do it “her own way.” She started avidly studying different weight loss programs, and even went to “Diet Center” to find out about their program. For some reason, the program that really got her motivated was the Richard Simmons diet and video tapes (for exercise) and audio tapes for motivation. She said that was because it was such a complete program and simple to follow.

Converting my older children to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods hasn’t always been easy. It’s more their style to make fun of their mother for the “strange brew’s” she is always trying to hand them. Amazingly though, Rachel would usually drink them but wouldn’t take the time to fix them. She never really ate enough to recognize it as her answer.

Eight loooooong weeks later, it finally arrived! She could hardly wait to get started! Because she was so ready, she followed the program to the t! After about three weeks of meticulously following the Richard Simmons program, she had only lost 3 lbs. But, she insisted that Richard said, “If you lose it fast, it comes back on fast.” However, I could see her excitement and resolve slipping, just a little.

I had not been able to get her to eat the Health Regeneration along with “her program”. ” She felt that she needed to follow the Richard Simmons diet exactly as outlined. One day, I just handed her some Energy Caps and Cleansing Tea, and said – “drink”! She did and took it twice more that day. The following day when she weighed herself, she had lost five lbs. She couldn’t believe it! Could her mother actually be right?

Rachel now takes her own product, and even takes double Energy Caps in the morning. I realized just how convinced Rachel was when overhearing her tell her friend about the best way to get the body you want is Health Regeneration! Her friend wants to eat Health Regeneration as well, now.

After six weeks eating the Health Regeneration, Rachel had lost 25 Ibs and was looking great. She is now a believer! She now believes that you can not only lose it fast, but you can maintain what you have lost and the most exciting part is what happened when she went to girls camp. She was there a whole week eating the normal hamburgers and hot-dog type food, along with a variety of sweets. We really anticipated the worst, that when she got home she would have put 10 lbs. back on, but instead…..Rachel lost another 5 lbs., it was then that we realized more than ever the value of Health Regeneration. We could see that it literally changed her metabolism, and she kept on losing, even after going off her diet and the Health Regeneration.

Rachel has gained an enthusiasm for Organic Chinese Herbal Foods and the Health Regeneration program and is continuing to watch what she eats and never misses her Health Regeneration! She is really looking good in her clothes and I am looking forward to going school shopping with her in August for her new school wardrobe. She just told me excitedly that she has lost another 5 lbs. even though she has “messed up” a few times as she has gone out with her teenage friends.

She says, “I don’t have to be perfect, to keep going toward my goal, “I just have to do the best I can, and the Health Regeneration will make up the difference!” My favorite part of this story, as her mother, is that Health Regeneration makes such a difference in Rachel’s attitude toward life. She is much happier and more helpful around the house, as well as, is kinder to her little sisters. Because her body is nourished she is much easier to live with! Rachel, I’m proud of you, and Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I’m grateful to you!!

Paul’s Weight Loss Story with Chinese Herbal Foods

June 18, 2011

Paul L. is not one to take too many risks, especially when it is his health that he is considering. Before embarking on the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Weight Management program, Paul, age 33, formally assessed his personal health and fitness in order to verify any progress he made during an eight week period eating the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods.

Figures for body composition, strength, endurance, flexibility, pulmonary functions, heart rate, blood pressure, exercise, blood fat analysis, dietary and stress levels were recorded.

Results from the assessment suggested that Paul was underweight, a problem which a more nutritious diet could help correct. His endurance level was below average and his flexibility was above average, but not excellent. Paul’s blood pressure was higher than average and his body’s aerobic fitness level was lower that average.

At the end of the two month trial period on the Weight Management program, Paul’s health and fitness levels were similarly assessed and the results from the two tests were compared:

  • Paul had gained 11 pounds total, with 8.9 pounds of lean body mass.
  • His endurance level jumped from 30 to 50 percent, 
  • and his flexibility went from 75 to 85 percent. 
  • Paul’s resting heart rate dropped from 123 to 92 beats per minute 
  • His blood pressure normalized at 124/80 compared to his previous reading of 140/90. 
  • Paul’s aerobic fitness level, measured by oxygen consumption, increased eight points.

Another noticeable difference between the two tests, appeared in Paul’s blood fat analysis. Paul’s first blood fat analysis indicated that Paul had “acceptable” levels of cholesterol in his blood, but was low in triglycerides. The second analysis at the end of a two month trial period showed his triglyceride level had increased to an “acceptable” level. The results now serve as a reference for Paul. The final outcome of the tests only proved what Paul already knew.

My Journey to Healthy Weight with Organic Chinese Herbs

June 18, 2011

When my wife became interested in Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I was overweight, had elevated blood pressure, and my cholesterol level was too high.

My own efforts to address all of these health concerns all had their benefits the problem was, the benefits were all short term. Every diet I tried was either too restrictive to work long term, or was impossible even in the short-run.

My problem was common. As a friend of mine said. “Men don’t want to get in shape. They just want to be in shape.”

That was it. That was my problem. I knew I needed to do things differently. The difficulty was in the pain of making the changes necessary. As anyone who has attempted even minor changes knows, change requires effort and discomfort, and it was the unwillingness to go through these changes that kept my weight at 225, my blood pressure at 155/95, and my cholesterol at 236.

As in the case of so many others, I go through cycles. At one end of the pendulum’s swing I just didn’t care enough to try anything. Past experience told me that any solution I found would not be long lasting; that I would be in a continual battle. And I, like others, found no warmth in the idea of a lifelong subsistence on willpower.

At the other end of the pendulum’s came the resolve to try something, anything, even if its effects were temporary. So I decided to try Organic Chinese Herbal Foods.

Two very odd things happened to me. It wasn’t the fact that in 30 days time I lost 20 pounds, saw my blood pressure drop to 100/62, or my cholesterol go to 162.2. It wasn’t the fact that I lost 4 inches in my waist or that my health club trainer referred to my percentage of body fat loss as “phenomenal.” It wasn’t the fact that a friend told me that I had never looked so good.

The two interesting things that happened were that:

I was never hungry and so the eating changes were never a struggle; and
the foods that I knew I should not eat were not a temptation to me at all.

An anecdote will help explain how these two phenomena really worked.

One day, after having been on the weight management program for about a week, I decided to go fishing on a Friday afternoon. I had to get a fishing license and so I stopped at the Wal-Mart in Guthrie. In getting to the sporting goods section, I had to pass every junk food rack that Wal-Mart had in the store. All I had to eat that day had been Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products. Dana and the girls were still in California. It was Friday. I was going fishing. For me, all of those facts would normally have meant a feast of salt, sugar and crunch delights. It would have been only the prelude to the cheeseburgers and onion rings or the pizza in the evening when the fishing was over.

Incredibly, I had no desire for any of the food that had helped make me the man I was. And as time passed, I continued to eat good food without missing or wanting the stuff we all know we shouldn’t eat as a regular diet, but do.

The only thing I missed on the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods regimen was the texture of foods. I solved that problem by eating wholesome foods because that’s what I wanted.

No one can say what your experience might be in trying Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. There is only one way to find out. For you, Organic Chinese Herbal Foods might be another in your long list of things that didn’t work, or you may experience what I did, painless change.

Davd T., 1990

How to Lose Weight without Suffering!

June 18, 2011

How much would you be willing to pay to really lose unwanted fat?

Jeff J. has lost 95 pounds and it cost him less than $5 per day! In fact, Jeff says it was really free because he lost his appetite for all the unnecessary junk food he was eating and it literally saved him money!

Jeffrey J. – Before and After
           Oct 1, 1987 – 280 lbs              Dec 25, 1987 – 205 lbs


  • Most diets put on weight!
  • Fat cells are harder to lose than muscle and lean tissue!
  • Losing inches is more important than losing pounds! The average person must run 32 miles to lose one pound! The typical diet causes frustration and irritation! Your associates really don’t like your disposition when you diet!


  • Lose weight without dieting? (starving?)
  • Lose weight while improving your nutrition? 
  • Lose weight and improve muscle tone even without exercising? 
  • Lose weight easily, safely and with increased energy? 
  • Permanently lose weight and never diet again? 
  • Improve your stamina for jogging and exercising? 
  • Feel better about yourself?


Larry’s Story of Health Regeneration to Overcome Allergies

June 18, 2011

Hi! I’m Larry G. I have been using Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products for a little over a year now, and I would like to tell you a little about what has happened to me. I have overcome several health problems including:

  • a serious degenerative nerve problem, that would have put me in a wheel chair within the next couple of years,
  • severe allergy problems that the doctor said would turn into emphysema in a few years,
  • rheumatoid arthritis, 
  •  and a 30 year weight problem.

In this letter, I would like to focus on what has happened to me and my obesity problem. Over the last 30 years, I have been on several diets that the doctors put me on, and just about every fad diet that has come along. With each new diet, I had great hopes, and with each failure, my self-esteem has sunk a little lower. I started on this roller coaster shortly after I got married, weighing in at 198 lbs. This was my normal weight at the time, because I was a weight lifter. I had 21 inch biceps, 34 inch waist and very good muscle tone. In January 1988, I weighed 331 lbs, with a 58 inch waist, 17 inch biceps, and a lack of self-control had overtaken me and I felt ruined for life. At that time I was introduced to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, and the philosophy of regeneration. The concept appealed to me, but I approached it with skepticism. I had already tried and failed too many times.

I started with a Nutrition Pack because of all my health problems. After I had used two of them, I felt I was ready to go on the weight loss program. I discontinued the Nutrition Pack and started on the Health Regeneration (weight loss) program. My early attempts were very frustrating. I found that instead of losing my appetite as I expected to, I became extremely hungry and wanted to eat everything in sight. (I’m telling you this so you won’t make the same mistakes I made.) Later, I realized that for the first time, my body had been given all of the nourishment that it needed. Then when I took away the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods five formulas my body wanted that nutrition back. The Energy Caps and Cleansing Tea are essential for the weight loss program, but if the body has other health problems, they will not take the place of the five formulas. I then started to eat the Nutrition Pack along with the Weight Loss Pack with limited success.

I would like to say here that I was having phenomenal success with my other health problems. My energy level was better than I had experienced on any other diet, but I would seem to go along and not lose any weight for days, or sometimes even weeks. Then I would lose 3 or 4 lbs, and then not lose again for a while. I would still go through periods where I would get those weak shaky feelings that I had on so many other diets. I didn’t get that great amount of energy that other people on the program had reported, and probably the only thing that kept me going was the fact that when I cheated or went off the program for a while I didn’t regain what I had lost. In addition, when I lost 20 lbs. on Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I had lost more inches off my waist than I had lost after losing 50 lbs. a year before in Shaklee.

By November of 1988 I had only lost 20 lbs. At that time Robert L. was having his annual convention. One of the speakers from out of town was Doug H. He got into the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods weight loss program, had lost a substantial amount of weight himself, and had built a large Organic Chinese Herbal Foods organization helping hundreds of other people lose their weight. When I asked Doug why the Weight Management program wasn’t working for me he said, “Larry, the Weight Management program works for everyone, and if it isn’t working for you, you either don’t understand the whole program, you’re not following it properly, or you’re lying to me. I then proceeded to go over exactly what I was doing each day. He said that my program should work except for one thing. I was using about a tablespoonful of grated cheese to flavor my brown rice. He said that even a teaspoonful of dairy products can destroy the effectiveness of the Health Regeneration program.

I bring all this up to point out that it is essential to do the program right in order to get proper results. If you are not getting the results you expect then go over what you’re doing in detail with your sponsor.

It is now March 1, 1989, and I have lost a total of 70lbs. on the Health Regeneration program (50 lbs. since I talked with Doug Hunt just three and a half months ago.) I have more energy than I ever remember having in my life (the energy came within 3 or 4 days after eliminating the dairy products). I feel better than I ever remember feeling, and I have taken 12 inches off my waist. I don’t have that weak shaky feeling any more, and most important when I do cheat (which isn’t often) my body screams at me the next day and I am driven back on the program rather than off of it. I still have 75 lbs. to go but I know that I have finally conquered my 30 year long obesity problem! Getting to normal weight is just a matter of time.

When Doug H. went over the program with me, he outlined what he did. I have followed that program explicitly. The following is a detailed description of what I am doing.

Upon rising in the morning, the first thing I do is go into the kitchen and eat 3 of each of the Energy Caps 1,2,3 and swallow these 9 capsules with Cleansing Tea. It’s important that I mix my 20 gram packet with at least 2 qts of water, and Stevia and drink it all throughout the day.

Then 30 minutes later, I mix up about 10 oz. of water with 3 heaping teaspoons full of Nu Energy, and Stevia. I drink this, and eat one or two of each of the five formulas from the Nutrition Pack.

About mid morning or whenever I feel hungry, (it is important not to ever let myself get hungry) I eat some raw vegetables, carrots, peppers, radishes, celery, turnips, or whatever raw vegetables seem appealing.

At lunch time I do the same thing I did for breakfast, and mid afternoon I do the same thing, I did mid morning. I will also drink a cup of Energy Tea Beverage from the Nutrition Pack with my mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.

At dinner time I do a little different program. I eat my Energy Caps with my Nu Energy one half hour before my meal. For dinner, I eat a baked potato, about 4 to 6 oz. of fish or poultry, a large salad, and 1 to 3 different kinds of cooked vegetables ( use a lot of variety). Doug H. said he would use a teaspoonful of butter on the baked potato, and a little vinegar and oil dressing on the salad, but I personally like potatoes plain, and salad without dressing. I will eat one or two of each of my 5 formulas, some Diet Tone, and Acidophilus with my dinner. If I get hungry later on in the evening, I will eat some raw fruit (apple, orange, pear, peach, grapes, etc.).

Chinese Herbal Foods Help with 20 Pounds and 50 Years of Allergies in 2 Months

June 18, 2011

Alfred S.
November 1990

I started eating Organic Chinese Herbal Foods to lose weight. I had tried a lot of different diets and nothing was really effective, so I started on a Weight Management Pack III. After 2 months, I had dropped 15 pounds without changing my diet. I decided to try more and went to the Nutrition Pack I and took 5 more pounds off.

Then, I discovered a side effect from eating the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods was allergies from 50 years were no longer bothering me having had asthma since I was 3. In the spring of 1988, when allergy alerts were up, my allergies were giving me fits It was the worst that I had had in a long time. After starting on Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I could see the allergy warnings were up but I wasn’t bothered. That’s when I started looking into what the products were really doing for me and decided to keep on eating them.

It as now been over 2 years and my weight is still off and my allergies don’t bother me.

I have built my part-time business to a level where I am now enjoying the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products for free.

“74 Lost Pounds Thanks to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods”

June 18, 2011

Michele P.

April, 1987, my goal became reality at I the Southern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. I walked out on that stage with my head held high, 109 pounds lighter (74 of those lost pounds thanks to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods) and won 2nd place in the Ladies Heavy Weight Division, at 135 pounds.”

I realized it had not been the trophy or the title that were my ultimate goals … it was that of proper health. I struggled for so many years, especially this past year, to reach my weight of 135 pounds and as an added bonus I am fit and healthy.”

The biggest most unexpected bonus of all, however, is that I have become more self confident, and I have learned to love myself and allow myself to SHINE. Thank you the founder for Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, and most of all thank you Charmaine and Barry H. for helping me SHINE. ”


Since the age of fourteen, I have had minor weight problems due to poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. By the age of seventeen, I had entered a vicious cycle of “fad diet failures.” The more I dieted, the fatter I got, which drew me to the conclusion that I was meant to be fat. The only way I could even maintain 165 pounds was to starve myself on a 300-500 calories per day diet.

In July ’85 I became pregnant with my first child and started eating ‘properly’ for my child’s sake. As my belly grew so did my misconception that pregnancy would hide a few extra pounds, so I began indulging in foods that were normally taboo to me. Before I knew it I was 9 months pregnant and 244 pounds.

Returning from the hospital with our 8 pound, 13 ounce son, I rushed to the scales only to find I still weighed a whopping 219 pounds. In September of ’86 a very supportive friend and I began weight training with the dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition in April of ’87. I was slowly building muscle, but the fat was even slower at coming off. Then I was introduced to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods!


“I lost 12 pounds in one week and had an incredible boost in energy and stamina.”

“In January of ’87 I was introduced to Health Regeneration. I lost 12 pounds in one week and had an incredible boost in energy and stamina. This of course also benefitted my weight training program and my dream of competition had become a passionate GOAL.

“Shortly after, I met Barry and Charmaine H., who have become very dear friends to me. Charmaine had taken me under her loving wing and devoted hours of her time supporting and motivating me. She shared her vast knowledge of Organic Chinese Herbal Foods with me to improve my nutritional program which brought my goal within reach.

“My fat disappeared, my muscle gains were immense and my skin is now more taut than ever before.”

I Lost 65 Unwanted Pounds with Health Regeneration

June 18, 2011

By: Patricia G.

I said good-bye to 65 unwanted pounds in ten weeks of eating Health Regeneration products. I went from a size 46 to a size 13 blouse. I lost 11 1/2 ” off my waist, 8″ off my hips, 3 1/2″ off each thigh, 2″ off my neck and 1 1/2″ off each arm: for a total of 65 pounds.

I started on Monday, August 10th, 1986. By the fourth day, I noticed I didn’t need my afternoon nap. I couldn’t believe how comfortable and well-fed I felt, instead of starving all the time. No more did I crave sweets, and I left doughnuts alone. By September 15th, I had lost 19 pounds, and one month after that I had lost 40 pounds. I went off the diet from November to February, eating Cleansing Tea and Nu Energy on occasion. I felt good and did not gain back any weight. I started on Health Regeneration again in April and lost another 25 pounds. The only exercise I have added to my diet is walking each day.

A family trip to the lake in July of ’86 was the turning point for me. While soaking in the sun aboard our boat, we all decided to jump in the water to cool off .. including me! After a short swim, we decided to climb back into the boat except me! My 220 pound frame, coupled with my lack of strength, disabled me from climbing back aboard … even with the help of those pulling and pushing.

After six children and 20 years of dieting, I had not seen any significant progress. Sometimes I’d lose 30 or 40 pounds, but gain it all back plus another ten pounds. I tried every other diet on the market. I considered going to a “fat camp” but, that was too expensive. I looked into stomach stapling and other extreme surgical methods. Finally, I just accepted this was how I would look for the rest of my life; I was going to be fat, and tired all the time.

Following the trip to the lake, my cousin, Diane H., told me about the new diet her husband, Doug was on. She said it was a healthy way to lose weight, and he was having great success. At first, I thought the cost was too much for just another diet that wouldn’t work. However, when I saw Doug a short time later I couldn’t believe it was him! I told Doug — I want Health Regeneration!

Health Regeneration is a weight management program that really works! It provided my body with all the nutrition to stay healthy, feel good and sustain high energy while melting the fat away. Best of all the weight stays off.

This year at the lake, I’m gonna jump into the boat and surprise everyone!

43 Pounds in First 40 Days with Chinese Herbal Foods

June 18, 2011

By: Kelly G.

Kelly G. enjoys her new level of energy!

I lost 43 pounds in the first forty days, and in a span of three weeks after that, I lost another six pounds! I really enjoy eating the Health Regeneration and love the way it makes me feel; I now have so much energy.”

I lost all of this weight without any exercise, but since then I’ve started jogging again and continue to lose inches and gain a trimmer figure.”

Once my body reached a certain point, I noticed I was still losing inches while my weight stayed relatively the same. After a body composition test I discovered I had increased the amount of water in my system, and my body is now acquiring the proper amount of lean muscle mass it needs.”

“I am now enjoying a woman’s size eight and feeling great!”

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