Calcium- Miracle Foundation for Great Health Part Two

March 30, 2011

Herbal Calcium Tablets:

Maintaining the Nutritional Foundation

The body stores ninety percent of it’s calcium in the bones and teeth.

This huge percentage of calcium is not just stagnantly stored there and forgotten by the body. This storehouse of calcium is constantly used, replenished and washed through the system in a very minute molecular way. Some calcium molecules create a framework or nest for other calcium to come and go.

When you look at a bone that has osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, it looks porous, like a sponge. The center of the pore should be filled (and constantly replenished) with fine delicate calcium.

However, that skeletal calcium is the foundation of our house. How can you fix the foundation when there’s a house on top of it?  You have to repair the foundation and at the same time keep the house running.

Calcium is the third top biochemical foundation piece that makes up our body. The top four are: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These four minerals act as the four corners of our foundation

Calcium is so important to keeping the body’s biochemical balance that our body has very specific communication avenues just for calcium. These specific pathways run by osmosis, de-fusion, or active transport.

Bio-availability is Key to Calcium Metabolism

It is one thing to take calcium; it is another thing to take calcium in a form that is usable by the body. First it has to be absorbed within about the first twenty feet of the digestive tract, then absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the liver where is it reconstituted into a molecular form that is actually usable. The parathyroid takes it to the next step of usability.

Certain calcium molecules absorb slowly, some at a medium speed and some quickly. Each type has a different foundational function. The body requires many types of calcium to replenish the many different forms of calcium found in the body.

Every function, every organ and everything within the body relate to calcium in a specific way.  Its primary function, from my point of view, is to alkalinize the body starting with the acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract. All systems need a portion of the calcium to fully deal with aging, repairing and regenerating.

Solution To Calcium Replenishment

An ideal combination of different types of calcium would entirely replenish the empty or depleted stores that have been used by immune system to maintain balance as well as the long-term stores in the bones. Does such a product exist? Yes.

Of course, in order for the best metabolism of calcium, several other ingredients are needed, such as Vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin D is needed, for the hormonal translation of calcium into calmodulin, calcitonin, calcitriol, calcidiol and cholcalciferol – all hormonal secondary molecules.

A natural source of magnesium is a rich chlorophyll product like alfalfa sprouts, liquid chlorophyll  and Spirulina, or plants rich in magnesium, or water. Almonds are also a good source of both calcium and magnesium.

Different government studies over the years have shown that on average seventy-five percent of Americans are deficient in calcium. However digging a little deeper into that average, we find that women are more like 85% deficient and men are more like 65% deficient. So calcium deficiencies are an established fact, and more proof that our basic diet, with all the supposed “enriched with vitamins and minerals” isn’t cutting it.

To paraphrase Einstein, if we keep eating and taking the same supplements the way we have been and yet expect different results, well, we are in for a surprise. Thus my focus on getting everyone to consciously take steps to get more, and a variety of, calcium into the diet.

The ideal Calcium supplement is food based and gives a number of different types of Calcium- gluconate, citrate and carbonate. These Herbal Calcium Tablets offer the necessary 1200 to 1400 mg’s of calcium a day. Yes, the recommended daily requirement may not equal that amount, however from my studies of the effects of this formula, that is what I recommend. The benefits of using food-based Herbal Calcium Tablets is that the calcium absorption starts in the mouth’s membranes (similar to a sub lingual), the calcium gets absorbed more readily and partly bypasses the losses that occur in the digestive tract to liver processing situation. The food-based source also helps correct the stomach acid/alkaline balance.

Expected Health Benefits of Herbal Calcium Tablets:

1. Clearer thinking: Calcium is used in our brain’s biochemical action. Low calcium leads to memory loss as well as insomnia (can’t stop thinking, restless brain symptoms).

2. Weight management and weight-loss: Yes weight management. Low calcium causes the body to go into an “I’m starving” mode that stimulates a hormone cascade that starts with the parathyroid releasing hormones, causing the bones to release calcium, causing the kidneys to release calcitriol to increase calcium absorption. This whole process also stimulates fat production and inhibits fat breakdown. High calcium intake stops the starvation cascade of hormones and its resultant fat production and preservation. (Ironically, with their high phosphoric acid content, diet sodas leach calcium from the body thus contributing to overweight conditions.)

3. Healthy teeth: Stands to reason, now that we know that our bones and teeth aren’t set in stone but are in a constant state of coming and going.

4. Fewer PMS symptoms: Studies show improvement in both emotional and physical symptoms. (Maybe this should be reason #1).

5. Lowers risk of colon cancer: Scientists aren’t sure of the exact mechanism, but studies find adequate to more than adequate intake of calcium has a protective effect.

6. Protection of your heart: That same starving hormone cascade that causes weight gain also affects your arteries. With an adequate supply of calcium your blood pressure gets reduced. Not the whole picture to heart health, but a simple and foundational step.

7. Natural relaxing mineral: Calcium relaxes muscles (no more Charlie horses) and aids in getting a better night’s sleep. Just think how much better your days go when you get adequate sleep the night before and wake up all chipper!

8. Stronger immune system: Calcium is crucial to a healthy immune system.

Actions To Improve Calcium Uptake

Cut out drinks like sodas and coffee that, respectively, leach calcium or increase calcium excretion.

Eat more fruits and vegetables since the metabolizing of these foods shifts the acid/alkaline balance of the body towards an alkaline state by producing bicarbonate that reduces calcium loss. (Meat tends to cause the body to go acidic, thus causing the bones to release calcium and phosphorous).

Exercise improves calcium uptake. Maybe it is time to start dancing.

Take Herbal Calcium Tablets (3 to 6 a day). These Tablets include all three key kinds of Calcium plus food based precursors and supporting herbs.

Order Herbal Calcium Tablets from us! A bottle of 90 tablets is $15.00

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Root for Health: The Power of Golden Seal

November 30, 2010

Golden Seal Root- increasingly hard to find – is a traditional herbal tonic and offers support for a vital and healthy immune system. The Herbal Golden Seal Root we recommend is pure, concentrated and powerful.This herbal concentrate is a must-have for the cold and flu season.

When choosing your Golden Seal be sure to look at the percentage of actual root substance in the capsule or powder. Some companies are grinding up portions of the rest of the plant, or even other plants to provide bulk which does not have healing properties.

Here are the possible healthy benefits of Golden Seal Root per traditional herbal lore:

  • Both a food herb and a medicinal herb
  • First used by the Cherokee Indians
  • Considered one of nature’s greatest antibiotics (contains Berberin)
  • Acts as a tonic to the entire system
  • Relieves congestion
  • Fights infection
  • Special aid for the liver, gall bladder, circulation and veins
  • Tonic for the pancreas
  • Many herbalists have used golden seal root in formulas for the eye (ingredient Hydrastine used in Visine)
  • Helps to strengthen liver
  • Improves digestion (gastric secretions, flow of bile)
  • Works on the immune system
  • Temporary nourishment when body feels run-down

We recommend that new users try Golden Seal Root in capsule form as the herb is very bitter.

If you are looking for a pure, concentrated Golden Seal be sure to contact us!

We look forward to helping you begin using this formula for your health.