Calcium: Miracle Foundation for Great Health

March 2, 2011

Calcium – Miracle Foundation for  Great Health

Calcium performs several important roles as our physical foundation. It forms and replaces the skeletal foundation as well as acts to preserve the pH balance in most of our body. Whatever wear and tear there is on the body, if our calcium foundation does not remain strong and viable, small warning signs will begin to appear.

In maintaining our physical health, Calcium functions as the foundation of your physical house.  In a building, once the foundation is established, we start to build our house and, unless a problem develops, we don’t go back and check the soundness or firmness of the foundation. Once the building is finished, the foundation is taken for granted and we assume it will remain sound indefinitely.

If you think about it, the dimensions and strength of the foundation determine everything in the whole evolution of the house. Room sizes, the number of stories, plumbing, appliances… all the way up to the tip top of the roof. Calcium, its abundance and types,  is the foundation underpinning the health of our body.

Years of living in a house can cause visible changes such as outside weathering, redecorating, and modifications by new occupants. However, homeowners fail to pay attention to the soundness of the out-of-site part – the foundation.  Usually twenty-five to fifty years later the foundation is still sound. Just as a foundation in soil that is constantly wet or acidic need to be monitored, so too our calcium foundation needs maintenance checks. Without proper maintenance, the concrete can become porous allowing water to leak into basements or can develop cracks.

Not Enough Replacement Calcium In Foods

Our calcium foundation doesn’t need a lot of attention, but it does need to respond to early deficiency warnings. Most Americans, if they give it a thought at all, assume that they get enough calcium from the every day standard American diet.

Driving this assumption are two factors: the misconception that dairy products and vegetables supply enough of the necessary calcium and the inability to perceive the early warning signs the body gives for a calcium deficiency.

Since we miss or explain away the little signs of calcium depletion, such muscle cramps, we tend to only pay attention to our foundation when a big alarm goes off. The various alarms can range from osteoporosis, premature aging, graying hair, constant reoccurring fatigue, overweight issues, recurrent kidney/bladder problems, seasonal lung allergies, emotional swings that impair our functionality, to just sighing. These are just a few indicators that can indicate a calcium deficiency.

The fact is our food supply, regular or organic, does not have the bio-available calcium stores needed to replenish our foundation. Thus, just living life depletes our body’s calcium foundation.

What is our calcium depletion rate? Even a person who doesn’t move for twenty-four hours uses up four to five hundred mg’s of calcium just by breathing!

Calcium Metabolism Affected By Oxygen Concentration

Calcium has an innate affinity for oxygen, which means altitude affects the speed of its utilization and metabolism. People at sea level metabolize differently than people at a thousand or more foot elevation or people who fly a lot.

Not only is calcium hooked on oxygen – it also prefers different blends of oxygen. Nitric oxide is more prevalent in children than adults, which helps children build strong bones, (assuming they are getting enough calcium).

This is important to understand because underneath our body’s alkaline/acid mantle, there is an oxygen mantle (pO)., similar to pH. Our pO determines how much oxygen our blood is carrying to the tissues. Calcium works in both the pO and pH arenas and depends upon both to restore our calcium stores.

Almost all disease conditions in the body are due to the pH balance being too acid. There are actually seven areas within our digestive tract that have different optimum pH levels, though most people only check the saliva or urine pH levels to determine health. It not that acid is bad, it is necessary to balance the alkaline. However, keeping the pH level in an alkaline state overall is best for maintaining optimum health. (For the scientific minds, of course calcium doesn’t act alone, magnesium plays its enzymatic role in this pageant of our digestive tract actions).

Observations of Patient Response to Types of Calcium

So far we have covered a basic understanding of calcium. Following are my clinical findings. I have been practicing now for thirty years and I have used every type of calcium on the market and have even made my own from eggshells.

My theory was if I could help improve the worst-case scenarios of calcium deficiency, then I could easily improve the cases of lesser calcium deficiencies.

The hardest cases to tackle are the calcium loss in the bones. Remember ninety percent of the body’s reserve or store of calcium is in the bones and teeth. To measure the effects of a calcium regime, I would take before and after X-rays of clients with bone loss.

To measure efficacy of treatments and results, I observed each client over the course of almost a year and used different types of calcium. These studies would not be seen as scientific in that I did not use a double blind studies, use control patients on placebos, nor implement any dissection trials. My “effectiveness of using bio-available calcium theory” was simply tested by X-rays and client health results.

As a result of my studies, I propose the following:

1. Calcium Carbonate restores the framework or the porous structure of the bone,

2. Calcium Glucanate restores the missing marrow or center of this structure of porosity, and

3. Calcium Citrate holds the calcium in an active transportable state due to the innate properties of the citrate or oxygen.

This is excellent! We no longer have to fly blind on the question of calcium types and absorption in our health regimes. I have enough feedback from my clients and astounded medical personell that I am positive of my assertion that the calcium potentials are working.

Now all we have to do is actually take the calcium. The body will automatically figure the correct pH for us all along the digestive and waste transport processes.

Maintaining a Healthy Calcium Foundation

The body stores ninety percent of it’s calcium in the bones and teeth.

This huge percentage of calcium is not just stagnantly stored there and forgotten by the body. It is constantly used, replenished and washed through the system in a very minute molecular way. Some calcium molecules create a framework or nest for other calcium to come and go.

When you look at a bone that has osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, it looks porous, like a sponge. The center of the pore should be filled (and constantly replenished) with fine delicate calcium.

However, that skeletal calcium is the foundation of our house. How can you fix the foundation when there’s a house on top of it?  You have to repair the foundation and at the same time keep the house running.

Calcium is the third top biochemical foundation piece that makes up our body. The top four, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, act as the four corners of our foundation

Calcium is so important to keeping the body’s biochemical balance that our body has very specific communication avenues just for calcium. These specific pathways run by osmosis, de-fusion, or active transport.

Bio-availability of Calcium is the Key

It is one thing to take calcium; it is another thing to take calcium in a form that is usable by the body. First it has to be absorbed within about the first twenty feet of the digestive tract, then absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the liver where is it reconstituted into a molecular form that is actually usable. The parathyroid takes it to the next step of usability.

Certain calcium molecules absorb slowly, some at a medium speed and some quickly. Each type has a different foundational function. The body requires many types of calcium to replenish the many different forms of calcium found in the body.

Every function, every organ and everything within the body relate to calcium in a specific way. Its primary function, from my point of view, is to alkalinize the body starting with the acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract. All systems need a portion of the calcium to fully deal with aging, repairing and regenerating.

Solution To Calcium Replenishment

An ideal combination of different types of calcium would entirely replenish the empty or depleted stores that have been used by immune system to maintain balance as well as the long-term stores in the bones. Does such a product exist? Yes.

Of course, in order for the best metabolism of calcium, several other ingredients are needed, such as Vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin D is needed, for the hormonal translation of calcium into calmodulin, calcitonin, calcitriol, calcidiol and cholcalciferol – all hormonal secondary molecules.

A natural source of magnesium is a rich chlorophyll product like alfalfa sprouts, our concentrated green formula and Spirulina, or plants rich in magnesium, or water. Almonds are a good source of both calcium and magnesium.

Different government studies over the years have shown that on average seventy-five percent of Americans are deficient in calcium. However digging a little deeper into that average, we find that women are more like 85% deficient and men are more like 65% deficient. So calcium deficiencies are an established fact, and more proof that our basic diet, with all the supposed “enriched with vitamins and minerals” isn’t cutting it.

To paraphrase Einstein, if we keep eating and taking the same supplements the way we have been and yet expect different results, well, we are in for a surprise. Thus my focus on getting everyone to consciously take steps to get more, and a variety of, calcium into the diet.

Use our  Herbal  Calcium Tablets to get the necessary 1200 to 1400 mg’s of calcium a day. Yes the recommended daily requirement may not equal that amount, however from my studies of the effects of Herbal Calcium Tablets, that is what I recommend. The benefits of using food-based Herbal Calcium is that the calcium absorption starts in the mouth’s membranes (similar to a sublingual), the calcium gets absorbed more readily and partly bypasses the losses that occur in the digestive tract to liver processing situation. The food-based source also helps correct the stomach acid/alkaline balance.

Article by Dr. Steven Smith, used with permission

Please contact us for ordering the Herbal Calcium Tablets and stay tuned for Part Two of this article on Calcium!

A Special Herbal Tea for the Holidays

December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the Health Benefits of a unique Herbal Tea this Holiday Season.

Imagine sipping a delicious herbal tea that makes your whole body feel nourished rather than artificially jump started with caffeine, additives, sugar, chemicals and preservatives.

Here is a  “delectably delightful” way to assist the body’s natural cleansing process with an herbal tea containing catechins, anti-oxidants, true flavors and cleansing herbs. It is also concentrated and pure.

Daily we ingest foods or drinks which may contain unnatural or undesirable elements. While many of the undesirable elements we take into our bodies are quickly eliminated, others may be stored or even trapped, especially in fat cells. This delicious herbal cleansing tea is a natural way to assist organic elimination processes and help the body in its natural “cleansing cycle.” When the body is nourished and cleansed with a concentrated “right combination” of properly formulated foods, it will achieve its own balance, and we will enjoy good health.

Here are some of the wonderful health benefits to our Herbal Tea Formula FD:

  • Light refreshing herbal beverage
  • Enjoy hot or cold
  • Establishes, maintains and increases energy
  • Increases alertness; sharpens mental powers
  • a Whole Food Beverage
  • Contains pure food grade herbs,fruits, and herbal nutrients
  • each packet is concentrated and enhanced into a  fine nutrient complex powder
  • contains protein
  • Vegetables in F.D. are good source of chlorophyll
  • Rich in electrolytes (great for athletes)
  • Helps the body to cleanse toxic buildups of any calcified inorganic mineral deposits
  • Better fat digestion
  • Restores the normal fat balance in the body
  • Promotes natural slenderness
  • Cleanses liver
  • Nourish the pineal gland and brain function
  • Emulsifies fat to be flushed from body
  • Support the organs of digestion: pancreas, stomach, gall bladder liver and intestines
  • Increases muscle tone and energy
  • Helps restore the fat / lean ratio of the body
  • Available in Regular, Raspberry, Peach, Lemon, and Cinnamon.


Mix one 3 gram packet of Herbal Tea Formula FD in eight ounces of hot or cold water. Drink as is, or sweetened with your favorite natural sweetener or stevia.

Available in ten packs or sixty packs of 3 gram powder packets.


All flavors contain a tasty blend of natural Camellia Extract, Lemon Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than one percent natural flavorings. Compare that to the energy drinks, sugared latte’s and flavored water being offered. Do your self a favor and try this tea.

This Special formulation of Herbal Tea is not available at many stores. Contact us to help you place your order.

We look forward to helping you order for the holidays!

Root for Health: The Power of Golden Seal

November 30, 2010

Golden Seal Root- increasingly hard to find – is a traditional herbal tonic and offers support for a vital and healthy immune system. The Herbal Golden Seal Root we recommend is pure, concentrated and powerful.This herbal concentrate is a must-have for the cold and flu season.

When choosing your Golden Seal be sure to look at the percentage of actual root substance in the capsule or powder. Some companies are grinding up portions of the rest of the plant, or even other plants to provide bulk which does not have healing properties.

Here are the possible healthy benefits of Golden Seal Root per traditional herbal lore:

  • Both a food herb and a medicinal herb
  • First used by the Cherokee Indians
  • Considered one of nature’s greatest antibiotics (contains Berberin)
  • Acts as a tonic to the entire system
  • Relieves congestion
  • Fights infection
  • Special aid for the liver, gall bladder, circulation and veins
  • Tonic for the pancreas
  • Many herbalists have used golden seal root in formulas for the eye (ingredient Hydrastine used in Visine)
  • Helps to strengthen liver
  • Improves digestion (gastric secretions, flow of bile)
  • Works on the immune system
  • Temporary nourishment when body feels run-down

We recommend that new users try Golden Seal Root in capsule form as the herb is very bitter.

If you are looking for a pure, concentrated Golden Seal be sure to contact us!

We look forward to helping you begin using this formula for your health.

The Best Herbal Tonic for Women- Dong Quai

November 11, 2010

Dong Quai

Commonly called Angelica, Dong Quai is  considered the “queen of all female herbs” Its name means “compelled to return.” This is an herbal tonic that all women should consider using.

There are so many benefits to taking Dong Quai:

  • Name refers to it’s ability to restore women to proper balance
  • Can strengthen the smooth muscles in the body (men and women)
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps blood become rich in nutrients and oxygen
  • Nourishes the body’s production of hormones
  • Known as the best tonic herb
  • Our source for  Dong Quai offers a strong concentrate
  • For centuries the Chinese observed the power of the plant to open blocked passageways throughout the body
  • Alleviates hot flashes in menopause
  • Good for female problems
  • Exceptionally rich in vitamin A, B-12, E
  • Helps the body to balance itself
  • Shows anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal activities
  • Many women take Dong Quai for the balancing of their hormones
  • Helps to strengthen all internal organs and muscles
  • Nourishes female glands
  • Eliminates menstrual disorders
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Helps to rebuild blood
  • Improves conditions in the mother before and after the birth of a baby
  • Helpful for recovery from a stroke
  • Good for calming nerves
  • Good for toothache
  • Helpful for recovery from internal bleeding or body bruises
  • Works-on the immune system
  • Do not take the product during your period

DONG QUAI is best known as an herb that can strengthen the body’s response to female problems. But studies suggest that it may also improve blood circulation and help the blood become richer in both nutrients and oxygen. Anciently, Dong Quai was identified as helpful in nourishing the body’s production of hormones. Today, it is also one of the best known tonic herbs. Our source for  Dong Quai  is pure and concentrated. This process enhances all of the nutritious properties of the herb, and enables the body to assimilate and then utilize those nutrients much easier.

Herbalist Magazine published an in-depth article about Dong Quai in the August, 1977 issue which still offers some insight into this beneficial plant. Here are a few selected highlights from that article:

    There are various tonic herbs that can maintain the proper balance needed in ovarian function. One of the best may be the chinese herb Dong Quai, known also in China as Tang Kuei, and commonly called Angelica. It is considered to be the “queen of all female herbs.” Its name means “compelled to return”, which is a reference to its ability to restore a woman to normalcy and to maintain proper balance.

    For centuries, the Orientals have maintained that this plant may have the power to open blocked passageways throughout the body and alleviate hot flashes. and female problems. Research shows that Dong Quai is exceptionally rich in vitamins A, B-12 and E. These nutrients, among others, feed the body, thus enabling the body to balance itself.

    Try our Dong Quai formula. You can add it to your mid life health regime and thrive into your fifties, sixties and beyond. Contact us to order!

Give Your Endocrine System a Safe Herbal Boost

July 27, 2010

Five Element Herbal Series

Fire Element

Endocrine System Herbal Formula PA

Endocrine Formula provides the body with the specific nutrients it needs to maintain balance in the reproductive systems and other glands of the endocrine system.

Endocrine glands exert their control on the body by producing hormones. The female reproductive hormones are estrogen and progesterone, while the male hormone is testosterone.

Reproductive regeneration takes place when the body is able to strengthen hormonal control, improving most all of the body processes.

Endocrine Formula also nourishes the body’s adrenal responses; and because the adrenal glands govern the body’s general response to stress, this special nourishment allows the body to balance its nervous system, stabilizing the emotional sense of stress management.

A laboratory study has shown that Endocrine Formula given to male animals increased production of testosterone to peak levels. Endocrine Formula is a complex formulation of many whole foods that enhances the powers of the body and provides a nutritional platform for the body’s use. Its ingredients are interwoven through unique processing to maximize nutritional value.

  • Strengthens the heart, kidney, spleen, stomach and liver
  • Feeds, nourishes and energizes the glandular system (endocrine, or hormone, system), particularly those that relate to reproduction
  • Slows down the aging process and preserves youthful vitality (Chinese found evidence that the body ages as its reproductive system declines and by strengthening the reproductive system the aging process is slowed down)
  • Regenerates the reproductive system
  • Feeds the ovaries
  • Helps with pregnancy and birth
  • Helps with PMS problems
  • Balances the emotional body (anger, depression, etc.)
  • Balances potassium
  • Helps the brain
  • Brings oxygen to the cells
  • Helps with circulation
  • Enhances body’s ability to recover from illness or injury
  • May increase red blood count
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Helps with the removal of toxic materials in the blood
  • Decreases allergic reactions, including hay fever relief
  • Reduces wrinkles

Hormones Are the messengers in the body:

  • They communicate in our body
  • 95% of hormones consist of protein
  • Many today suffer under hormone disabilities
  • People have difficulty digesting protein
This herbal formula is safe to take daily and helps to regenerate the reproductive system and helps keep the entire glandular system strong and vital. Please contact us for help in ordering
Endocrine Herbal Formula PA

You are what you eat and what you digest!

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Earth Element

Digestive System Herbal Formula A

Energy is the key to life and light. Healthy digestion and assimilation is the necessary key for this energy to be accessible to us. The right nutritional supplements and whole food herbal concentrates can make all the difference in your well being.

The Earth element is manifested in our bodies as the digestive system which is responsible for assimilation and utilization of nutrition. Healing depends on digestion and all these processes working harmoniously together.

This Herbal Food Concentrate, Herbal Formula A is system specific to healthy digestion:

* Nourishes and balances the organs that support digestion so they give us right amount of enzymes and digestive juices when we need them

* Strengthens the link between digestive and nervous systems

* Rebuilds organs involved in digestion: mouth, stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal glands

* Better absorption, assimilation and distribution of nutrients (Research shows: more than 50% of population digests less than 50% of what they eat – lack of proper digestive juices)

* Nourishes body’s defenses against heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gastric ulcers, colic, gas

* Stronger liver function

* Improved appetite and sleep

* Ability to extract maximum nutrition from foods

* The Ancient Chinese used this Herbal formula to enhance and balance the digestive system. With select herbs, they were able to furnish the body with needed nutrients to stimulate, lubricate and equalize digestive processes.

* Digestion is one of the most important body processes. Through digestion and assimilation, nutrients are extracted from foods and transported to the various organs to help -maintain the overall balance of the body.

* Increased energy, alleviation of morning sickness and problems with ulcers and indigestion are all possible benefits of proper nourishment.

Many secretory glands are linked to the digestive system. These glands secrete fluids that aid digestion. The proper nutrients encourage the efficiency of the neighboring glands and improve the overall ability to digest foods properly.

The Digestive Formula Herbal Formula A is designed to give the body needed nutrients in a whole-food context that the body can use easily and completely.

The Chinese determined that an efficient digestive system could produce a wide range of health benefits, including: relief from stomach discomfort and digestive ailments, increased ability to tolerate a variety of foods, increased ability to extract nutritional value from foods and distribute them accordingly, stronger liver function, better sleep.

Be sure to eat the best of whole foods, herbal concentrates and assimilate it as well.

The Five Element Herbal Formulas can be used individually or in a single combination. The Herbal Five Element  Combination Formula is called Nutritional Supplement Q.

Please contact us directly for ordering any of these Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Concentrates.

Whole Food Herbal Formula to boost Immune System

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formulas Series

Wood Element

Immune System Formula- Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC

We offer a very specific nutritional supplement, a whole food formula that nourishes the immune system and strengthens the T-cells, which control the growth of dangerous, destructive cells and helps the body fight infections.

  • Gives protection against allergies, tumors
  • Reduction of painful and swollen lymph nodes
  • Reduced tendency toward infections, colds, flu
  • More rapid healing from infections
  • Reduces drainage from ears and eyes

Our immune system or defense system consists of cells that attack invaders and cells that suppress the invader’s attack. In a healthy immune system, the attacking and suppressing cells meet invaders with just the right degree of force. In simple terms, we become sick when these immune system forces lose their balance and the invader cells dominate.

  • Allergies come from too much attack.
  • Tumors, infectious diseases come from too much-suppression.

Support for the immune system, coming from whole food herbs became a necessary part of the daily health regime in Ancient China. These people ate and drank the herbs that were known to boost the defense system.Resistance to disease was a privilege of the ancient Chinese emperors because of the efforts of their valuable court doctors who worked with nature to keep the royal family and staff healthy. They developed a nutritional approach for immunity to disease and infection.

The emperors enjoyed good health because of the success of their approach in giving the body excellent nutritional fortification. They learned that nourishment of the body’s vital immune system increases the body’s ability to resist infectious agents.

This Nutritional Supplement and Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC is that same ancient herbal formula for the immune system.This Herbal Formula was recognized by health researchers as a balancing agent which nourished the body. The benefits recognized by them were those of protection and enhanced ability to fight disease.

The Chinese Emperors favored this formula and continued to hand down the detailed directions for formulation of whole foods for centuries.

Now this Nutritional Supplement supporting the Immune System, Herbal Formula ATC is available to you in capsule form, concentrated powder in packets, and in bulk.

Please contact us for help in ordering. We look forward to talking with you.

Herbal Nutritional Remedy For Allergy Relief

June 12, 2010

Allergies and natural allergy reliefAllergy-free- that’s the goal for anyone with allergy symptoms whether the allergy is to food, dust, pollen or chemicals. Natural allergy remedies can boost the body’s support systems and go to the cause of allergy reactions.

Natural Herb Supplements Bring Allergy Relief

We have a remarkable non-allergenic whole food herbal tonic that delivers powerful rare herbs to your body’s cellular system. Part of a cell’s job is to turn the nutrition it is fed into energy. Our herbal Nutritional Supplement (NP) is a formula made from organic herbal seeds, roots, nuts and fruits that nourish the entire body. It is packed with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals from these whole foods. This formula brings support to anyone whose body is stressed by allergic reactions.

The “whole food” aspect of Nutritional Supplement (NP) is the key to this formula’s power.

The Chinese believed that plants contain the necessary ingredients that the body needs for extracting all the vitamins and minerals that the plant has to offer. In the West, since it was commonly thought that the intestines randomly absorbed food when it was broken down to the isolated vitamin or mineral form, the synthetic vitamin and mineral industry formed to supply this nutrition. A University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study found that the intestines recognize and absorb food at the level of a complex peptide chain better than synthetically derived vitamins. The cells then breakdown the peptide chains further.

Your body recognizes and assimilates nutrients best from a whole food source. The synthetically derived materials are not as biologically available in the cell’s Krebs cycle and need further refinement. This means that your body does not recognize isolate vitamins and minerals as a food source. The Nutritional Supplement (NP) whole food formula is concentrated by removing the cellulose bulk and leaving only the food’s nutrition in its natural synergy to bring you one healthy herbal remedy for allergy sufferers.

Regeneration versus side effects

The Chinese found that the herbs that are used to make up Nutritional Formula (NP) were particularly nourishing to the systems associated with the kidneys, liver and spleen. These digestive organs can be strained under allergic responses.

The NP formula was originally developed by the Chinese herbalists of old to sustain the body at the top performance level necessitated by their arduous lifestyle. Their goal was to devise a vegetarian diet that promoted longevity with health and vitality. They looked to the natural nourishment contained in food herbs to improve the overall condition of their organs and their metabolism.

Contact us to make this herbal remedy is part of your natural allergy relief and begin to enjoy life with your allergies mitigated.

Health and the Search for Super Foods

June 12, 2010

Nutrition for maximum healthThe next wave of nutrition is finding “super foods” that are rich in nutrition and phyto-chemicals, natural ingredients with health promoting capabilities. What a refreshing change to enjoy safe and regenerative food from the world’s leading herb supplement company!

Health, Super Foods And Maximum Nutrition

No doubt you’ve seen the news stories on the nutritional scares in your local food chain:

  • The Mexican strawberry pesticide scare;
  • The e. coli bacteria in fast food hamburgers;
  • “Acceptable levels” of pesticides in the three leading baby food brands;  and
  • Nutrient poor soil leading to the “empty harvest” of nutrient deficient fruits and vegetables.

Our Food  Cleansing Product- F & V Rinse is a natural remedy to use for ridding your food of fungus, bacteria or even pesticides on your supermarket fare. Use a small capful of Rinse to a sink full of water. This safe solution strips the dirt and bugs off the food. Once you soak your produce it will have a fresher flavor, better color and longer-lasting refrigerator life.

Empty Harvest: Foods lacking in minerals and vitality:
Our health problems are nutrient dense “super foods” loaded with nutrients that make every calorie count. Food is judged more and more by what it has to offer in the way of energy, aid to healthy growth, “brain food”, and boosts to the immune system.

For “Brain Boosters,” health research lists Folic Acid, B vitamins, and  Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Why folic acid for the brain? Higher levels of folic acid in children’s blood have been correlated to better ability to copy cubes and other geometric shapes. A Tufts University study found a “found a correlation between levels of specific B vitamins in the blood and certain mental and spatial skills”. These vitamins can be found in: asparagus, peas, dark leafy greens, spinach, brown rice and sweet potatoes. This still leaves a key question- are the vegetables you buy grown in nutrient-rich soil?

Our Vitamin B Complex Supplement Formula (VS) has proven itself a marvelous yeast-free plant source of the B vitamin complex and folic acid. It provides vitamin B 12 that is hard to get if you do not eat red meat daily. One squirt as you head out the door gets you ready for what the day has in store!

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for brain development. The essential fatty acids are usually found in cold-water “oily” fish, such as tuna and salmon. Unfortunately, these fish have fallen out of favor for the leaner warm water fishes. Fish is a delicious alternative, but a concern is  what the fish’s mercury or pesticide levels are.

We offer two easy supplements to boost your Omega -3 intake:

Herbal Vitamin Formula (EP) and the Herbal Multi vitamin Formula (MB) deliver both the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids along with bee pollen and ginseng in a food balance so your body can absorb them and put them right to work oiling the gears of your brain.

Our wide selection of nutrient dense, super food supplements all provides the nutritious groundwork that helps your body attain a stellar performance.

Contact us for your super foods program today!

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