A Jewel of an Herbal Supplement

January 10, 2011

Are there really magic potions? Check out this information on a magic herbal formula!

Radiant skin, emotional well being, healthy hormone function, and even calcium absorption- have you ever wished for just one magic pill to do it all? Start the New Year with a New You and take this rare herbal supplement. It is a jewel of a formula and looks just like a pearl! We call it the BP Herbal Supplement and it is based on a century old formula that helps the body in many ways:

  • Creates beautiful and radiant skin from within by super nutrition.
  • People comment on their feelings of emotional calm and ability to stay centered.
  • Although the formula is not high in calcium, it helps you absorb and utilize calcium.
  • Promotes a healthy and balanced youthful hormone system- without containing any hormones itself, of course.
  • Even aging skin can be repaired and look much more youthful.

This is an amazing formula that not only supports healthy skin, but also helps bring balance to your emotions. The ancient signature attributed to this herbal formula by the ancient herbalists was the “key to life” and “to make possible the impossible.” Indeed, people have remarked that they found the use of this herbal concoction helped them get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed by projects, so they could deal with them more efficiently and with equanimity.

The ancient herbal recipe comes from herbal manuscripts, which revealed that beautiful skin comes from nourishing the inside with herbal-based regenerative nutrition.

This herbal concentrate, the BP Herbal Supplement, is simple and easy to take. Just add one a day and see what happens to your New Years Resolutions to be beautiful, happy and healthy. These formulas are not widely available in stores so please contact our office for purchasing.

We look forward to helping you with a personal order.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!

Flow with the Water element: Daily Herbal Formula for the entire Circulatory System

July 31, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Water Element

Circulatory System Herbal Formula L

This unique Chinese herbal formulation gives nutritional support to the circulation and blood regulatory system. This system is known to herbalists as the system governed by the “water” element as it influences the “flow” of fluids, nutrition and blood to the body. This herbal formula:

  • Nourishes the circulation system
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Supports cleansing and clearing of  the blood vessels

Allows the capillaries to become strong and flexible (in order  to manage the exchange of food, oxygen and wastes with the tissues). This Circulatory System herbal formula supports the body in its creating and maintaining of:

  • Stronger capillaries
  • Stronger heart tone
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Lower cholesterol – reduces the free fat in the blood
  • May improve eyesight
  • Improves circulation
  • Strengthens the bowel and enhances cleansing of the intestinal system
  • Cleanses the blood and reduces clotting

The Chinese herbalists understood the important relationship between the blood and the transporting of nutrients to the entire body. Their studies showed the importance of maintaining correct blood pressure, capillary strength, strong heart tone, low levels of cholesterol and fats, and a strong nervous system.

The Circulatory herbal formula was developed as a food  to nourish the body, enhancing its natural ability to regulate circulatory processes. Correctly nourished, the circulatory system strengthens capillary walls to improve the transport of oxygen and fluids between the bloodstream and tissues.

This ancient formula was a proud accomplishment of ancient herbalists who developed a perfect balance of the eight vital ingredients. Circulatory Formula’s nutritional makeup encourages harmony in the body.

This herbal formula works in harmony with the other five element formulas to provide a perfect balance for your body’s ongoing needs. Contact us for help in ordering Circulatory System Herbal Formula L

You are what you eat and what you digest!

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Earth Element

Digestive System Herbal Formula A

Energy is the key to life and light. Healthy digestion and assimilation is the necessary key for this energy to be accessible to us. The right nutritional supplements and whole food herbal concentrates can make all the difference in your well being.

The Earth element is manifested in our bodies as the digestive system which is responsible for assimilation and utilization of nutrition. Healing depends on digestion and all these processes working harmoniously together.

This Herbal Food Concentrate, Herbal Formula A is system specific to healthy digestion:

* Nourishes and balances the organs that support digestion so they give us right amount of enzymes and digestive juices when we need them

* Strengthens the link between digestive and nervous systems

* Rebuilds organs involved in digestion: mouth, stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal glands

* Better absorption, assimilation and distribution of nutrients (Research shows: more than 50% of population digests less than 50% of what they eat – lack of proper digestive juices)

* Nourishes body’s defenses against heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gastric ulcers, colic, gas

* Stronger liver function

* Improved appetite and sleep

* Ability to extract maximum nutrition from foods

* The Ancient Chinese used this Herbal formula to enhance and balance the digestive system. With select herbs, they were able to furnish the body with needed nutrients to stimulate, lubricate and equalize digestive processes.

* Digestion is one of the most important body processes. Through digestion and assimilation, nutrients are extracted from foods and transported to the various organs to help -maintain the overall balance of the body.

* Increased energy, alleviation of morning sickness and problems with ulcers and indigestion are all possible benefits of proper nourishment.

Many secretory glands are linked to the digestive system. These glands secrete fluids that aid digestion. The proper nutrients encourage the efficiency of the neighboring glands and improve the overall ability to digest foods properly.

The Digestive Formula Herbal Formula A is designed to give the body needed nutrients in a whole-food context that the body can use easily and completely.

The Chinese determined that an efficient digestive system could produce a wide range of health benefits, including: relief from stomach discomfort and digestive ailments, increased ability to tolerate a variety of foods, increased ability to extract nutritional value from foods and distribute them accordingly, stronger liver function, better sleep.

Be sure to eat the best of whole foods, herbal concentrates and assimilate it as well.

The Five Element Herbal Formulas can be used individually or in a single combination. The Herbal Five Element  Combination Formula is called Nutritional Supplement Q.

Please contact us directly for ordering any of these Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Concentrates.

Whole Food Herbal Formula to boost Immune System

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formulas Series

Wood Element

Immune System Formula- Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC

We offer a very specific nutritional supplement, a whole food formula that nourishes the immune system and strengthens the T-cells, which control the growth of dangerous, destructive cells and helps the body fight infections.

  • Gives protection against allergies, tumors
  • Reduction of painful and swollen lymph nodes
  • Reduced tendency toward infections, colds, flu
  • More rapid healing from infections
  • Reduces drainage from ears and eyes

Our immune system or defense system consists of cells that attack invaders and cells that suppress the invader’s attack. In a healthy immune system, the attacking and suppressing cells meet invaders with just the right degree of force. In simple terms, we become sick when these immune system forces lose their balance and the invader cells dominate.

  • Allergies come from too much attack.
  • Tumors, infectious diseases come from too much-suppression.

Support for the immune system, coming from whole food herbs became a necessary part of the daily health regime in Ancient China. These people ate and drank the herbs that were known to boost the defense system.Resistance to disease was a privilege of the ancient Chinese emperors because of the efforts of their valuable court doctors who worked with nature to keep the royal family and staff healthy. They developed a nutritional approach for immunity to disease and infection.

The emperors enjoyed good health because of the success of their approach in giving the body excellent nutritional fortification. They learned that nourishment of the body’s vital immune system increases the body’s ability to resist infectious agents.

This Nutritional Supplement and Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC is that same ancient herbal formula for the immune system.This Herbal Formula was recognized by health researchers as a balancing agent which nourished the body. The benefits recognized by them were those of protection and enhanced ability to fight disease.

The Chinese Emperors favored this formula and continued to hand down the detailed directions for formulation of whole foods for centuries.

Now this Nutritional Supplement supporting the Immune System, Herbal Formula ATC is available to you in capsule form, concentrated powder in packets, and in bulk.

Please contact us for help in ordering. We look forward to talking with you.