Two Horses Using Health Supplements

June 13, 2010

Do pets have the same nutritional problems as people? Can natural nutritional supplements help your pets and animals too? Everyone wants their pets and animals to have the best of health. We have collected a few stories of people who have used concentrated herbal whole food nutritional supplements to help their pets to greater health.

A Race Horse Revives

We were training a horse that had not been racing well. We decided to include the Nutritional Supplement Q and Ginseng Root. He won by over 10 lengths!

The next race he was in was the highest class that night. He won by 2 lengths. The next week he was not supposed to win. Two horses were brought up from Columbus that were supposed to beat him. I massaged him before the race and again, we fed him Nutritional Supplement Q and the Ginseng Root formula. He won the race again! In the 3 weeks we’ve been training this horse, he has made over $12,000!

Horse Saved From Colic

A pure bred horse developed colic. In three days went from a healthy horse to a thin, sickly one. The poor horse was in such pain that it would lie on its side and spin itself around to try and dislodge something from the digestive system and eventually wore the hair off his side.

The vet was called in and the vet wanted to put the horse down. He said there was nothing that could be done. It was going to cost the owner a fair bit of money to put the horse down.

A friend heard about the horse and came in with organic Chinese herbal foods supplements. He mixed three scoops of the Nutritional Supplement NP and a powder packet of the Nutritional Supplement Q and some Stevia. The owner and the friend syringed this herbal mixture down the horse’s mouth and within two days the horse was back on its feet and within a week it was completely normal again. Everyone was so happy.

Concentrated herbal whole food nutritional supplements have helped all kinds of pets, horses, cats, dogs, and many other animals, to better health and well-being. Contact us today to get your favorite pet started on the road to regeneration!

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May 23, 2010

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