Weight Loss Victory At Last

June 18, 2011

I have been an Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Distributor for the past year and a half. I started with Organic Chinese Herbal Foods herbs due to two major problems in my life. One of these problems began about 6 years ago when I started having what felt like electric currents going through my head about 20 minutes after I had eaten, and my body would get so hot I would be drenched in sweat. I would have terrible headaches, my eyes would be blurry, and I knew if I didn’t lie down night away I would fall down.

At first this would only happen every few months. Then it got to be every month. I was told I had too many toxins in my body and that I should consider having colonics. So I started on colon therapy; every day for a week, then two a week, until I had had 14 colonics. The spells got worse until I was having three spells a week.

One time I went to the market at Pacific Union College with my 15 year old granddaughter, and all of a sudden had another spell, and we sat there for 3 hours until I felt well enough to drive home, although still weak and miserable.

About this time, I was introduced to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods herbs, due to the 40 pounds I had added to my weight since the spells had started, and absolutely nothing I did would take them off. Along with the colonics I went on a 32 day juice fast; raw carrot, celery, and beet, and I lost 10 pounds a week but later put them right back on. With Weight Management Program I lost 20 pounds but the spells persisted, though less of them.

I finally found out It was a wheat allergy I was suffering from.

And when I would wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. burping pure acid, I knew I was going to have a spell the next day, sometimes a teaspoon of baking soda would prevent it.

At that time my husband was having a recurrence of a prostate problem and I quickly prepared, in some of the empty bottles we had saved, five capsules of each of the five herbs: Respiratory Formula, Endocrine Formula, Immune Formula, Circulatory Formula, and Digestive Formula, which he consumed three times a day and by the next morning he was clear and could empty the bladder again.

This made me wonder if the same procedure would take care of my problem also. So I fixed me the same and ingested them three times a day for a week. Then, I felt so good I cut down to twice a day, and I haven’t had a spell since, even though I ate as many dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, etc., as the rest of the family for Thanksgiving dinner.

And, speaking of Thanksgiving, I thank God every day for Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, because I know I have victory at last.

Adina F

“Once Again I Feel In Control Of My Life” – Headaches & Allergies

June 18, 2011

By: Kerry H.
I have been out of work and receiving disability income for about 2 1/2 years. Since April, I have suffered from a vast array of debilitating symptoms including ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate, unbearable headaches, severe allergies, memory loss, skin rashes, dark circles under my eyes and depression.

I’ve tried many forms of common and experimental treatments such as the yeast free diet, vitamin supplements, gamma globulin, intravenous acyclovir, transfer factor from Italy and pharmaceutical drugs too lengthy to list; all with no positive results.

Now, I’m elated to report that I feel extraordinarily well; the best I’ve felt in 2 1/2 years. The ringing in my ears is diminishing, my allergies have cleared up (I’m off Sudafed for the first time in years), my headaches are less severe and not as frequent, my skin has a healthy glow and people are complimenting me on how good I look (isn’t that a nice change?).

Thanks to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I am now back to working as a financial planner, and once again feel in control of my life. I am grateful to my sponsor, who was patient with me through my skepticism. I can only hope that other’s will stick with the foods religiously, because it took five weeks before my body felt the benefit from the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. If you’ve been sick 2 1/2 years, you’re not going to get well in 2 1/2 days.

Organic Chinese Herbal Food Helped Eliminate Severe Childhood Allergies

June 18, 2011

By: Sandra D., Karly’s mother

My daughter first showed symptoms of allergies at about six months of age. Her doctor had insisted it was time for her to be on solid foods, so I obediently did so. She reacted to everything I gave her. She developed a rash covering her whole body, and where food touched her skin around her mouth, it would stay irritated for hours. After much experimentation, I determined that the only foods she could tolerate besides my milk, was bananas and barley, neither of which she particularly liked to eat! So, I continued to nurse her for a couple of years, and she gradually developed a tolerance for foods.

By the time she was old enough for school, she began to exhibit other allergy symptoms. Many mornings she would awake to find that she had huge inflamed, swollen nodules on her feet and hands. The swelling would subside by midmorning, taking benedryll, but there were many days when she could not go to school because her hands were too swollen to hold a pencil, and she could not bear to wear shoes.

Eating was never a pleasant experience for this child. She would always have to lie down afterwards, to hold down her meal, and it would usually be a good half an hour before the weakness and nausea would go away.

Karly is now ten years old, and this last winter her allergy problems really began to escalate. She began to find it difficult to hold down any food, and she developed a case of hives that would not subside day or night. Benedryll would bring down some of the swelling, but it would return in a couple of hours. Within a week, the inflammation settled in all of her joints. Surviving on Tylenol and Benedryll, she was always nauseous, drowsy, and in pain. The doctors gave me no guidance or hope of solving this problem. Believe me, by this time, I was desperate.

Just when I thought things could not get worse, they did. I guess the stress on her system, and all the medication began to take it’s toll. My very agile, coordinated daughter began losing her sense of balance, and became severely accident prone. She could lose her balance just walking across the room. When she tried to play with other children, the results were always disastrous. As if she did not have enough pain to content with, she now was constantly injuring herself.

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods comes into her life. I decided to take her off all foods except Chinese Herbal Products, Energy Tea, and a few fresh vegetables. I gave her large amounts of the Chinese Herbal Products, especially Endocrine Formula. When I took her back to the doctor after two weeks of this regimen, and told him what I was doing, he was appalled. He said I was starving her! He insisted on weighing her and found she had gained two pounds! After a month she was able to go back to school and eat a few other foods without feeling ill. I was soon able to take her off the Benedryll and Tylenol.

Karly is doing very well now, is free of pain and swelling, and slowly her coordination has returned.

Chinese Herbal Foods Help with 20 Pounds and 50 Years of Allergies in 2 Months

June 18, 2011

Alfred S.
November 1990

I started eating Organic Chinese Herbal Foods to lose weight. I had tried a lot of different diets and nothing was really effective, so I started on a Weight Management Pack III. After 2 months, I had dropped 15 pounds without changing my diet. I decided to try more and went to the Nutrition Pack I and took 5 more pounds off.

Then, I discovered a side effect from eating the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods was allergies from 50 years were no longer bothering me having had asthma since I was 3. In the spring of 1988, when allergy alerts were up, my allergies were giving me fits It was the worst that I had had in a long time. After starting on Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I could see the allergy warnings were up but I wasn’t bothered. That’s when I started looking into what the products were really doing for me and decided to keep on eating them.

It as now been over 2 years and my weight is still off and my allergies don’t bother me.

I have built my part-time business to a level where I am now enjoying the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products for free.

Breathing at Last with Allergy Relief and Help form Chinese Herbal Foods!

June 17, 2011

By Pam W.

Shane, my 17 year old who lives in Lawton, OK, recently called home from school to tell me that he had just been released from the hospital! Not MY child I thought! But what can you expect from someone not eating Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. That’s right – he had not been eating Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. I foolishly thought that he didn’t need them, or that he wouldn’t be responsible enough to eat them, so I didn’t let him take any with him. But when he called and sounded so bad, I immediately said, “Shane – get home so I can HERB YOU UP!” He laughed at me but said okay – he was tired of being sick. He came home that Saturday and I got him started on the full Sunpack plus a regimen of 4 Respiratory Formula, 4 Immune Formula, and 2 Goldenseal every hour on the hour – don’t ask me why – I just thought that was a good combination. He had come home with a lot of medicine and an inhaler. By Sunday morning, the coughing spells had almost completely disappeared and he was breathing much better. I sent him back to Lawton with a lot of product he said he would eat.

Last week, Shane came home for the weekend and the first thing he did when he got in my car was to say, “Mom – listen to this! ” and then he took a great big breath through his nose. I thought “So what” and then it hit me

Shane took a breath through his nose!

What you need to understand here is that Shane has undergone two surgeries to help open up his nasal passages and both attempts failed. When he was only 6 or 7, the doctor told me that Shane’s nose was basically nonfunctional and the only thing that it would be good for was to hold glasses up and to look pretty!

He has spent 17 years breathing through his mouth only and you can imagine how unpleasant that must have been. Try holding YOUR nose and eating at the same time! Or sleeping all night with your mouth open and the constant dryness! So when Shane took that deep breath through his nose, he was really saying a lot.

I Was Allergic to Air and My Wife ’til I turned to Organic Chinese Foods

June 17, 2011

Howard B. tells his story

Put simply, I collapsed eight years ago and should have died.

When I got to the doctor in Dallas who saved my life, he said basically, “we have five ways of measuring your immune system, and four of those are on zero.” “The other one is called T-cells; you should have about 1,800 and you have 375. “So, the way I see it, the next major insult you have in your life, you won’t have a life.” This was a very smart man, and I really do credit him for saving my life.

The doctor put me in a bubble and he began educating me on what I had to do to stay alive. As it turned out, through years of doing this, be didn’t educate me on how to get well, but how to keep from dying. My wife and I have spent a long time, and gone to really radical means to try to get well. That included living in the desert outside of Las Vegas for three years.

Everything made me sick.

I was what they call universal allergic, For example, when I went to Dr. Ray’s clinic, they tested me for allergies to fifty foods, and I was allergic to all fifty. Logically, that meant that I shouldn’t eat anything. Of course, I’m also allergic to air and my wife and at one point, I was allergic to my own body. Dr. Ray’s suggestion was to get as faraway from the world as possible. Initially that was a bubble, but eventually it was the Las Vegas desert.

I slept on the ground, because everything else made me sick I had no tent and very little food. Las Vegas was very nice because there was no dew and there was no mold and no bugs. I could live, so to speak, in this desert environment, without all the hassles that you would normally have when the grass is knee deep, and there’s farms all around, and when there is the pollution from the traffic and so on.

I would like to jump forward in time to a few months ago when we began really learning about Organic Chinese Herbal Foods.

Being as sick as I was, most everything I tried to do seemed to make me sicker. It seemed to me, something like Organic Chinese Herbal Foods was virtually guaranteed to make me sicker. Products that contain 8 to 12 ingredients and even went so far as to claim to be concentrated were just guaranteed to make me really sick.

However, I had learned years ago that not all the things that seemed to make me sick, were really making me sick. Some of the things that made me feel bad were making me sicker, because the toxins that were generated by these foods or products were further polluting my body. I knew that there were some foods that were actually good for my body that were also making me feel sick. The reason for this is that as the toxins that had been stored in my cells were being thrown into my bloodstream, so they could be cleansed from my body, I would again get sick.

After hearing the testimonies from other Sunriders, there was no doubt in my mind that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods had the capacity to help me get well. There was also this lingering fear that it was too good to be true, and as my wife said, it worked for everyone else, but it won’t work for us.

Unlike so many others who start with everything in the Nutrition Pack, I started extremely cautiously. I started with Endocrine Formula, two capsules a day. I didn’t get sick, and that was encouraging. Two weeks later when I got some new blood work, I found out that my triglycerides, a problem that I had been battling for three years, had improved significantly, with just that minor change in my diet. So, that encouraged me to try Circulatory Formula for the next two week period. Being a little more bold, I tried three capsules a day. Two weeks later, my cholesterol was down, and my LDH’s were normal for the first time in years. The LDH is a measure of cell destruction. How fast is your body dying.

About this time a doctor made a recommendation that ended up making me very sick I got the flu, and after several days of sinus congestion and sore throats, it was obviously heading to my chest. I knew I didn’t want to go through that. My fear of getting sicker overcame my fear of Respiratory Formula, and I plunged right in and took six capsules a day. Really bold, right? Within two days, the symptoms were dramatically improved and I cut back to three capsules a day, and within two days all symptoms were gone.

Now, I had an incredible track record, because here was a line of products, everyone of which should have made me sick, and I had just survived three in a row, with no negative side effects. When your body is very polluted with toxins, then you have to be very careful with a product as strong as Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. Herbs are concentrated by nature and then Organic Chinese Herbal Foods concentrates them even further.

The first thing I tried in Organic Chinese Herbal Foods was one cup of Energy Tea beverage, and within two minutes I was doubled over in pain. I felt like someone was ripping my insides out. Within six minutes I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I couldn’t sit there. Before I got back from the bathroom, I had to go the other way. It was desperate. My head was reeling, my ears were ringing, my body was going berserk. The Energy Tea beverage is such a fantastic cleanser that my body was dumping toxins out of my cells and into my bloodstream faster than my body could handle it. I started very carefully with Energy Tea, again, understanding that you people had achieved success. I just had to start slowly.

I diluted the Energy Tea 4 – 1 and drank a half a cup a day. Four months later, I drink it full strength and it is helping me more and more. One of the reasons that Energy Tea has helped me so much is that it is specifically effective for heavy metal poisoning. I had a lot of silver amalgum, fillings in my mouth, so I had a lot of mercury in my system. For me, when I drink Energy Tea, it tastes metallic. That’s how much metal is being flushed out of my body and how fast it starts to flush. From the minute I drink the Energy Tea, I taste the metallic taste.

We’ve worked with kids who used marijuana, who swear that Energy Tea beverage contains marijuana. It’s pulling the marijuana out of their bodies so fast that it tastes like marijuana to them. We have worked with people who drink 8-12 cups of coffee a day. They claim the Energy Tea tastes like coffee. “Hey this is good stuff, it doesn’t taste like an herbal tea, it tastes like coffee, yum, yum,”

I could go on and on about Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. I wanted to give you the good and the bad. The good is that I was really impressed with how well the balance is realized in the founder’s products. The founder talks about the balance, and the fact that I could eat these formulas that contain so many ingredients, and not get sick, is a testimony to that! On the other hand, the power is awesome; and in certain cases you really have to respect that.

Update: June 1991 — I talked with Howard B. a couple of days ago, and asked him how he is doing. He related to me that he was still eating the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, and he realized that the more he ate the better he felt.

I Thought I was Healthy, now I Truly Am

June 17, 2011

By: DeVirl L.

I’m the kind of person who has always considered himself to be rather healthy.  Oh, I had pneumonia as a child and almost died, and missed a lot of school in my younger years because of sickness, but other than that, I was healthy! I did suffer a lot with allergies, but we lived on a farm so that was normal, with all the dust, weeds, foliage, etc. Besides, my Dad had allergies too, so I couldn’t do anything about it, it was something I inherited. I made sure I was never too far away from a box of tissues and never went anywhere without a handkerchief in my back pocket. It was something that you just learned to live with. Other than that, I was healthy.

When I was about 23 years old, I went to work for a large corporation which had about 2,000 employees. I worked in the accounting department and the section I worked in had ten of us in a room that would accommodate five. Of those ten people, six or seven of them smoked. After working in that smoke-filled room for several years, I found that I frequently had colds and a sore throat, and I found that severe headaches were becoming the norm. I sometimes couldn’t sleep at night. When I would lie down, I couldn’t breathe. In order to sleep, I had to have pillows propped up behind me – or be sitting in a chair. After one particularly bad bout with the flu and I wasn’t getting any better after several weeks, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. He examined me, took chest X-rays, and then later called me in to explain the problem. He said, “Have you ever smoked?” “No, I haven’t”

“Well, you sure could have fooled me. You have severe bronchitis, and you have emphysema. “Bronchitis and emphysema, huh? Well, other than that, I was pretty healthy. Just plan on getting the bad colds every winter, spend most of the month of January sleeping in a chair, keep a big handkerchief in my back pocket all the time and, hey – other than that !

And so for the past forty years, those are the basic health challenges this “healthy” person has had to deal with. When I started to take the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products on a regular basis (in December 1986), I started noticing some subtle changes. I went through the winter without a cold and without any bronchitis or emphysema problems. No sinus headaches and no congestion. When the weather warmed up and I started working in the yard, mowing the grass, etc., I wasn’t constantly sneezing. For the first time that I can remember, I went through the year without suffering miserably with allergies. As a side benefit (during January, February, and March), I lost fifteen pounds and two inches around the waist. This was all from eating the products in the Sunpack.

These regenerative whole foods are great! They put us in charge of our own health and allow our body to do what is was meant to do – be healthy. With Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, that’s just what I’m doing. This “healthy” person is getting healthier all the time!

Oh, I had pneumonia as a child and almost died, and missed a lot of school in my younger years because of sickness, but other than that, I was healthy! I did suffer a lot with allergies, but we lived on a farm so that was normal, with all the dust, weeds, foliage, etc. Besides, my Dad had allergies too, so I couldn’t do anything about it, it was something I inherited. I made sure I was never too far away from a box of tissues and never went anywhere without a handkerchief in my back pocket. It was something that you just learned to live with. Other than that, I was healthy.

Herbal Nutritional Remedy For Allergy Relief

June 12, 2010

Allergies and natural allergy reliefAllergy-free- that’s the goal for anyone with allergy symptoms whether the allergy is to food, dust, pollen or chemicals. Natural allergy remedies can boost the body’s support systems and go to the cause of allergy reactions.

Natural Herb Supplements Bring Allergy Relief

We have a remarkable non-allergenic whole food herbal tonic that delivers powerful rare herbs to your body’s cellular system. Part of a cell’s job is to turn the nutrition it is fed into energy. Our herbal Nutritional Supplement (NP) is a formula made from organic herbal seeds, roots, nuts and fruits that nourish the entire body. It is packed with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals from these whole foods. This formula brings support to anyone whose body is stressed by allergic reactions.

The “whole food” aspect of Nutritional Supplement (NP) is the key to this formula’s power.

The Chinese believed that plants contain the necessary ingredients that the body needs for extracting all the vitamins and minerals that the plant has to offer. In the West, since it was commonly thought that the intestines randomly absorbed food when it was broken down to the isolated vitamin or mineral form, the synthetic vitamin and mineral industry formed to supply this nutrition. A University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study found that the intestines recognize and absorb food at the level of a complex peptide chain better than synthetically derived vitamins. The cells then breakdown the peptide chains further.

Your body recognizes and assimilates nutrients best from a whole food source. The synthetically derived materials are not as biologically available in the cell’s Krebs cycle and need further refinement. This means that your body does not recognize isolate vitamins and minerals as a food source. The Nutritional Supplement (NP) whole food formula is concentrated by removing the cellulose bulk and leaving only the food’s nutrition in its natural synergy to bring you one healthy herbal remedy for allergy sufferers.

Regeneration versus side effects

The Chinese found that the herbs that are used to make up Nutritional Formula (NP) were particularly nourishing to the systems associated with the kidneys, liver and spleen. These digestive organs can be strained under allergic responses.

The NP formula was originally developed by the Chinese herbalists of old to sustain the body at the top performance level necessitated by their arduous lifestyle. Their goal was to devise a vegetarian diet that promoted longevity with health and vitality. They looked to the natural nourishment contained in food herbs to improve the overall condition of their organs and their metabolism.

Contact us to make this herbal remedy is part of your natural allergy relief and begin to enjoy life with your allergies mitigated.

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May 23, 2010

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