Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Congratulates The Olympic Athletes

June 18, 2011

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods congratulates the Olympic athletes of the United States Tae Kwan Do Team, coached by Master Sang Lee winning four gold medals, two silver medals and five bronze medals in the 1988 Olympics in Korea. Many members of the team used Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products to supplement their training program.

The United States now hosts the number one Women’s Tae Kwan Do Team and the number two Men’s Tae Kwan Do Team in the world. The Olympic athletes were already champions and as champions, chose to use Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products because of the tremendous nutritional benefits they receive from eating the products. Organic Chinese Herbal Foods supplied the team with Nu Energy, Energy Tea and the Five Herbal Formulas.

  • Eight members of the team eat the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products.
  • All four of the gold medalists eat the products.
  • Three of the athletes are Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Distributors.

The gold medalists are:

  • Jimmy Young Kim, Men’s Heavyweight Division.
  • Lynette Love, Women’s Heavyweight Division; 
  • Dana Hee, Women’s Lightweight Division; 
  • Arlene Limas, Welterweight Division.

The two Silver Medalists are:

  • Juan Moreno and
  • Deborah Holloway.

The five Bronze Medalists are:

  • Sharon Jewell,
  • Jay Warwick,
  • Greg Baker, 
  • Hon Won Lee 
  • May Pejo.

Athletes from five different Olympic teams live in Colorado Springs and train at the Olympic Training Center. Doug Fuechsel, an Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Distributor, has been the Captain of the permanent residency Tae Kwan Do team in Colorado Springs since 1986. Doug commented on the Tae Kwan Do team’s application of the products in their training program:

“Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products allow the body to recover so the athletes are ready for each challenge and can give their best effort at each workout.” The other thing in intense training is that the athlete’s immune system gets run down and makes them susceptible to colds and disease. By feeding the immune system and keeping the body intact, one doesn’t run into problems.

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods gives the athletes the ability to train hard in every workout. This helps their performance because they’re champions and they want to be the best in the world. Organic Chinese Herbal Foods gives them the edge. If athletes are sick, don’t feel good at some practices, can’t give 100% and are tired, then their body is telling them it isn’t getting what it needs. This is where Organic Chinese Herbal Foods comes in. This is the difference that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods makes for these athletes that eat the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products and any athletes who chose to eat the products. These athletes understand their own bodies and their bodies say “yes” to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. They know it is the best fuel.”

Success With Sports Nutrition Products

June 18, 2011

Henry F. is a black belt in martial arts. He eats Sports Formula, Herbal Energy, and Cleansing Tea for added energy during workouts and competition. Henry found that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods is food that can be eaten immediately before vigorous exercise, and that Sport Nutrition helps fuel bursts of energy needed for fast-paced martial arts as well as the endurance and stamina needed for cross-training sports: running, swimming, and biking. Henry added the Sport Nutrition products to years of eating Nu Energy, Endocrine Formula, Korean Ginseng, Joint Formula, Nervous System Formula, and Brain Formula for energy, quick muscle recovery and concentration during exercise.

Helene’s 71-year-old mother Susie L. noticed a real difference in her stamina and energy level after eating the Sports Formula along with her Sunpack.

Peter M., a licensed pharmacist and nutritionist, has found that adding the Sport Nutrition products has helped him add 1 inch to his chest and 18 pounds to his frame. At approximately 4 1/2% body fat, this kind of increase is fantastic and he says it took only 6 weeks. Peter found himself going to heavier and heavier weights more quickly than usual and recovery time was very short.

Paula K., a dentist, has been offering Nutritional Snack Bars to her young patients and their parents as an alternative to candy bars. She loves the fact that even her patients wearing braces can enjoy this food and that there is no added sugar or preservatives.

15 year-old Nancy uses Sports Formula before every sports activity. As a cheerleader, she is Still bouncing with energy when the game is over. Her mother Diane has also introduced the Sports Formula to an aerobics instructor who can’t believe the difference in his energy level. He eats the Sports Formula before every class.

John and Jason tried Sport Nutrition products to have better workouts. Their energy Level was increased significantly, giving them more hours of productive workout time. With a manual labor job, John finds the Herbal Energy, Sports Formula, and Cleansing Tea mixed with a Nu Energy give him an incredible amount of stamina to finish his jobs with energy left over for a workout at the Y.

After working hard all day as a waitress, Patti H. gives her energy level a boost with Herbal Energy. She says that not only can she get through a structured workout including a stairmaster, biking, and free weights, she has energy left over to clean the house, make dinner for her 10 year old and her husband, and still feel great

Nutririonist Blare W. was quoted as saying “Herbal Energy gives me sustained energy and provides increased mental clarity regardless of how much work I have to produce. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Tina S. reports that her mentally handicapped students love the Nutritional Snack Bar as a lunch alternative. They are not only convenient but also good for the children (and the teachers).

Massage Therapists View On Healing Balm/Oil

June 18, 2011

As a massage therapist for the past 17 years, I know of the problems even minor aches and pains can cause, even to the healthy, let alone those people who are out of shape. For the past several years, my massage practice has been limited to professional athletes.

Every pro-athlete knows the importance of being at 100% of his or her maximum potential during training and competition. Sometimes stretching, massage and other tools of the trainer are just not enough and some type of topical heating must be applied. Everyone has their own preference. Some treatments get hot, some get cold, most are very expensive, and most, being water-based, do not last very long.

Over the years, I have tried just about every one of the different types of treatment – not one was right for each case. It was very frustrating, to say the least, until I found Organic Chinese Herbal Food’s Healing Balm.

I have used Healing Balm on many different individuals for many different problems. In each and every case, it has been very successful. Applying the Healing Balm is done either before or after the massage. It can be applied by itself or while using oil or with an isopropyl rubbing compound. I have noticed a rapid warming and relaxing of the muscles when external heat is also applied for a few minutes.

The Healing Balm by Organic Chinese Herbal Foods has made my job as a Massage Therapist much easier. It is truly a great product!

A. Collier
Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 1990

What Athletes Have to Say About Organic Chinese Herbal Foods…

June 18, 2011

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods is working for me…it has helped to regulate my diet and give that extra umph and eliminate some of the ups and downs I might have during practice. ”

  • Sharon Jewele – Bronze Medalist, Tae Kwon Do, 1988 Summer Olympics

“In my experience with Organic Chinese Herbal Foods – its helped me a lot with endurance and stamina.”

  •  Jimmy Kim – Gold medalist, World Games. Gold medalist, Pan Am games 1988 Summer Olympics

Describing his first introduction to the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products by fellow athlete. Vance Anderson: “18 miles into the race…he gave me some Cleansing Tea… just a few minutes later I felt like I had eaten a banana…Ever since I’ve tried Energy Tea and Cleansing Tea. I haven’t done a race without it.

  • John Brewer – Wheel Chair Athlete-Gold medalist, 1988 Para Olympic Games

“I believe that Organic Chinese Herbal Foods made the difference in my making the Olympic team.”

  • Dana Hee — Gold Medalist, Taekwando, 1988 Summer Olympic Games

“I tried some of the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products and I had more energy. I was stronger and finished workouts stronger…I felt better after every workout.”

  • Arlene Limas -Gold Medalist, Tae Kwon Do, 1988 Summer Olympics

“Organic Chinese Herbal Foods raised my energy level. It helps keep your weight down.”

  • Greg Baker -five times National Champion, Tae Kwon Do. Bronze Medalist 1988 Summer Olympics

“Organic Chinese Herbal Foods helped me so much as far as my energy and recovery between practices that I was amazed. It has helped to regulate my total system and helped regulate my whole overall body…I use Organic Chinese Herbal Foods as my edge…I just want to say something to young people – You should definitely say no to drugs and yes to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods !

  • Linette Love – 10 times national champion, Gold Medalist 1988 Summer Olympics, Tae Kwon Do

“I tried Organic Chinese Herbal Foods and was really impressed with it right away…the beauty about being healthy and fit and the products Organic Chinese Herbal Foods puts out is that when your body is healthy so is your mind and when your mind is healthy you can do anything. It doesn’t matter what happens in your life.

  • Candace Cable Brooks – Wheel Chair Athlete – Gold medalist Para Olympic Games