“Once Again I Feel In Control Of My Life” – Headaches & Allergies

June 18, 2011

By: Kerry H.
I have been out of work and receiving disability income for about 2 1/2 years. Since April, I have suffered from a vast array of debilitating symptoms including ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate, unbearable headaches, severe allergies, memory loss, skin rashes, dark circles under my eyes and depression.

I’ve tried many forms of common and experimental treatments such as the yeast free diet, vitamin supplements, gamma globulin, intravenous acyclovir, transfer factor from Italy and pharmaceutical drugs too lengthy to list; all with no positive results.

Now, I’m elated to report that I feel extraordinarily well; the best I’ve felt in 2 1/2 years. The ringing in my ears is diminishing, my allergies have cleared up (I’m off Sudafed for the first time in years), my headaches are less severe and not as frequent, my skin has a healthy glow and people are complimenting me on how good I look (isn’t that a nice change?).

Thanks to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I am now back to working as a financial planner, and once again feel in control of my life. I am grateful to my sponsor, who was patient with me through my skepticism. I can only hope that other’s will stick with the foods religiously, because it took five weeks before my body felt the benefit from the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. If you’ve been sick 2 1/2 years, you’re not going to get well in 2 1/2 days.

Organic Chinese Herbal Food Helped Eliminate Severe Childhood Allergies

June 18, 2011

By: Sandra D., Karly’s mother

My daughter first showed symptoms of allergies at about six months of age. Her doctor had insisted it was time for her to be on solid foods, so I obediently did so. She reacted to everything I gave her. She developed a rash covering her whole body, and where food touched her skin around her mouth, it would stay irritated for hours. After much experimentation, I determined that the only foods she could tolerate besides my milk, was bananas and barley, neither of which she particularly liked to eat! So, I continued to nurse her for a couple of years, and she gradually developed a tolerance for foods.

By the time she was old enough for school, she began to exhibit other allergy symptoms. Many mornings she would awake to find that she had huge inflamed, swollen nodules on her feet and hands. The swelling would subside by midmorning, taking benedryll, but there were many days when she could not go to school because her hands were too swollen to hold a pencil, and she could not bear to wear shoes.

Eating was never a pleasant experience for this child. She would always have to lie down afterwards, to hold down her meal, and it would usually be a good half an hour before the weakness and nausea would go away.

Karly is now ten years old, and this last winter her allergy problems really began to escalate. She began to find it difficult to hold down any food, and she developed a case of hives that would not subside day or night. Benedryll would bring down some of the swelling, but it would return in a couple of hours. Within a week, the inflammation settled in all of her joints. Surviving on Tylenol and Benedryll, she was always nauseous, drowsy, and in pain. The doctors gave me no guidance or hope of solving this problem. Believe me, by this time, I was desperate.

Just when I thought things could not get worse, they did. I guess the stress on her system, and all the medication began to take it’s toll. My very agile, coordinated daughter began losing her sense of balance, and became severely accident prone. She could lose her balance just walking across the room. When she tried to play with other children, the results were always disastrous. As if she did not have enough pain to content with, she now was constantly injuring herself.

Organic Chinese Herbal Foods comes into her life. I decided to take her off all foods except Chinese Herbal Products, Energy Tea, and a few fresh vegetables. I gave her large amounts of the Chinese Herbal Products, especially Endocrine Formula. When I took her back to the doctor after two weeks of this regimen, and told him what I was doing, he was appalled. He said I was starving her! He insisted on weighing her and found she had gained two pounds! After a month she was able to go back to school and eat a few other foods without feeling ill. I was soon able to take her off the Benedryll and Tylenol.

Karly is doing very well now, is free of pain and swelling, and slowly her coordination has returned.

Rachel’s Weight Loss and Health Regeneration

June 18, 2011

By: Pat A., her mother

Going shopping with my 15 year old daughter was becoming a very unpleasant experience. I had always anticipated that shopping together was to be one of the joys of motherhood. Rachel would become grumpy and difficult and finally, I realized the real problem. Over the past year the pounds had been adding up, and shopping only accentuated her increasing dislike of the size she was needing.

Rachel was becoming serious about finding the “right” weight loss program for her. I wanted her to do the Weight Management Program but being the independent young woman that she is, she wanted to do it “her own way.” She started avidly studying different weight loss programs, and even went to “Diet Center” to find out about their program. For some reason, the program that really got her motivated was the Richard Simmons diet and video tapes (for exercise) and audio tapes for motivation. She said that was because it was such a complete program and simple to follow.

Converting my older children to Organic Chinese Herbal Foods hasn’t always been easy. It’s more their style to make fun of their mother for the “strange brew’s” she is always trying to hand them. Amazingly though, Rachel would usually drink them but wouldn’t take the time to fix them. She never really ate enough to recognize it as her answer.

Eight loooooong weeks later, it finally arrived! She could hardly wait to get started! Because she was so ready, she followed the program to the t! After about three weeks of meticulously following the Richard Simmons program, she had only lost 3 lbs. But, she insisted that Richard said, “If you lose it fast, it comes back on fast.” However, I could see her excitement and resolve slipping, just a little.

I had not been able to get her to eat the Health Regeneration along with “her program”. ” She felt that she needed to follow the Richard Simmons diet exactly as outlined. One day, I just handed her some Energy Caps and Cleansing Tea, and said – “drink”! She did and took it twice more that day. The following day when she weighed herself, she had lost five lbs. She couldn’t believe it! Could her mother actually be right?

Rachel now takes her own product, and even takes double Energy Caps in the morning. I realized just how convinced Rachel was when overhearing her tell her friend about the best way to get the body you want is Health Regeneration! Her friend wants to eat Health Regeneration as well, now.

After six weeks eating the Health Regeneration, Rachel had lost 25 Ibs and was looking great. She is now a believer! She now believes that you can not only lose it fast, but you can maintain what you have lost and the most exciting part is what happened when she went to girls camp. She was there a whole week eating the normal hamburgers and hot-dog type food, along with a variety of sweets. We really anticipated the worst, that when she got home she would have put 10 lbs. back on, but instead…..Rachel lost another 5 lbs., it was then that we realized more than ever the value of Health Regeneration. We could see that it literally changed her metabolism, and she kept on losing, even after going off her diet and the Health Regeneration.

Rachel has gained an enthusiasm for Organic Chinese Herbal Foods and the Health Regeneration program and is continuing to watch what she eats and never misses her Health Regeneration! She is really looking good in her clothes and I am looking forward to going school shopping with her in August for her new school wardrobe. She just told me excitedly that she has lost another 5 lbs. even though she has “messed up” a few times as she has gone out with her teenage friends.

She says, “I don’t have to be perfect, to keep going toward my goal, “I just have to do the best I can, and the Health Regeneration will make up the difference!” My favorite part of this story, as her mother, is that Health Regeneration makes such a difference in Rachel’s attitude toward life. She is much happier and more helpful around the house, as well as, is kinder to her little sisters. Because her body is nourished she is much easier to live with! Rachel, I’m proud of you, and Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I’m grateful to you!!

Paul’s Weight Loss Story with Chinese Herbal Foods

June 18, 2011

Paul L. is not one to take too many risks, especially when it is his health that he is considering. Before embarking on the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods Weight Management program, Paul, age 33, formally assessed his personal health and fitness in order to verify any progress he made during an eight week period eating the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods.

Figures for body composition, strength, endurance, flexibility, pulmonary functions, heart rate, blood pressure, exercise, blood fat analysis, dietary and stress levels were recorded.

Results from the assessment suggested that Paul was underweight, a problem which a more nutritious diet could help correct. His endurance level was below average and his flexibility was above average, but not excellent. Paul’s blood pressure was higher than average and his body’s aerobic fitness level was lower that average.

At the end of the two month trial period on the Weight Management program, Paul’s health and fitness levels were similarly assessed and the results from the two tests were compared:

  • Paul had gained 11 pounds total, with 8.9 pounds of lean body mass.
  • His endurance level jumped from 30 to 50 percent, 
  • and his flexibility went from 75 to 85 percent. 
  • Paul’s resting heart rate dropped from 123 to 92 beats per minute 
  • His blood pressure normalized at 124/80 compared to his previous reading of 140/90. 
  • Paul’s aerobic fitness level, measured by oxygen consumption, increased eight points.

Another noticeable difference between the two tests, appeared in Paul’s blood fat analysis. Paul’s first blood fat analysis indicated that Paul had “acceptable” levels of cholesterol in his blood, but was low in triglycerides. The second analysis at the end of a two month trial period showed his triglyceride level had increased to an “acceptable” level. The results now serve as a reference for Paul. The final outcome of the tests only proved what Paul already knew.

My Journey to Healthy Weight with Organic Chinese Herbs

June 18, 2011

When my wife became interested in Organic Chinese Herbal Foods, I was overweight, had elevated blood pressure, and my cholesterol level was too high.

My own efforts to address all of these health concerns all had their benefits the problem was, the benefits were all short term. Every diet I tried was either too restrictive to work long term, or was impossible even in the short-run.

My problem was common. As a friend of mine said. “Men don’t want to get in shape. They just want to be in shape.”

That was it. That was my problem. I knew I needed to do things differently. The difficulty was in the pain of making the changes necessary. As anyone who has attempted even minor changes knows, change requires effort and discomfort, and it was the unwillingness to go through these changes that kept my weight at 225, my blood pressure at 155/95, and my cholesterol at 236.

As in the case of so many others, I go through cycles. At one end of the pendulum’s swing I just didn’t care enough to try anything. Past experience told me that any solution I found would not be long lasting; that I would be in a continual battle. And I, like others, found no warmth in the idea of a lifelong subsistence on willpower.

At the other end of the pendulum’s came the resolve to try something, anything, even if its effects were temporary. So I decided to try Organic Chinese Herbal Foods.

Two very odd things happened to me. It wasn’t the fact that in 30 days time I lost 20 pounds, saw my blood pressure drop to 100/62, or my cholesterol go to 162.2. It wasn’t the fact that I lost 4 inches in my waist or that my health club trainer referred to my percentage of body fat loss as “phenomenal.” It wasn’t the fact that a friend told me that I had never looked so good.

The two interesting things that happened were that:

I was never hungry and so the eating changes were never a struggle; and
the foods that I knew I should not eat were not a temptation to me at all.

An anecdote will help explain how these two phenomena really worked.

One day, after having been on the weight management program for about a week, I decided to go fishing on a Friday afternoon. I had to get a fishing license and so I stopped at the Wal-Mart in Guthrie. In getting to the sporting goods section, I had to pass every junk food rack that Wal-Mart had in the store. All I had to eat that day had been Organic Chinese Herbal Foods products. Dana and the girls were still in California. It was Friday. I was going fishing. For me, all of those facts would normally have meant a feast of salt, sugar and crunch delights. It would have been only the prelude to the cheeseburgers and onion rings or the pizza in the evening when the fishing was over.

Incredibly, I had no desire for any of the food that had helped make me the man I was. And as time passed, I continued to eat good food without missing or wanting the stuff we all know we shouldn’t eat as a regular diet, but do.

The only thing I missed on the Organic Chinese Herbal Foods regimen was the texture of foods. I solved that problem by eating wholesome foods because that’s what I wanted.

No one can say what your experience might be in trying Organic Chinese Herbal Foods. There is only one way to find out. For you, Organic Chinese Herbal Foods might be another in your long list of things that didn’t work, or you may experience what I did, painless change.

Davd T., 1990

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