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Is there a natural allergy treatment for those pesky seasonal allergy symptoms? Wheezing, stinging eyes and runny nose symptoms drag on your sense of well-being – and a sign of an immune system in need of help. Our bodies are using our biological resources to attack and defend against everyday things. This allergic response can wear us down.  How can we find an allergy remedy that allows us to get our allergies under control?

Is there a natural allergy treatment that works? Yes!

Natural Allergy Treatment of Chinese Herbal Remedies

Ancient Chinese herbalists looked to nature to find patterns that would indicate the underlying laws of good health. These doctors felt that in the flow of life, everything that went to extremes would return to the point of origin or balance. The nature of Chinese herbal allergy treatment was to return the patient to that original harmonious state of health.

The Chinese used only natural harmony herbal remedies to reduce allergic symptom and achieve their restorative health results. Stephen Fulder, PhD, in his book The Tao of Medicine, explains the classification of these remedies:

The natural remedies of Oriental medicine were sometimes called great remedies, powerful curative prescriptions, small remedies which remove mild diseases superficially, deferred remedies which uproot chronic diseases, emergency remedies which control symptoms immediately, and the tonic, now renamed harmony remedies, which are used to increase inner vitality and energy, increase disease resistance and tune-up the body.

Natural Allergy Remedies: Balancing The Five Elements

Western medicine  provides symptom control but rarely understands or treats the underlying causes of allergies. The Chinese herbalists defined an allergic response as a body out of balance with its self. If you can balance the body’s systems – like the immune system – through proper nutrition, the body would heal the causes of over-reactive immune responses.

Concentrated natural Herb Supplement (Q) is a natural herbal remedy that bolsters immune system health by balancing all five body systems. It utilizes the fifty specific herbs to feed the five major systems of the body.

Everyone is different and Herb Supplement Q lets the body’s own intelligence bring healing and balance. The way that Herb Supplement Q brings balance varies by individual, depending on what imbalance their body uses the nutrition to  address first.

When your body’s own innate intelligence has the nutrition in this  natural and organic herb supplement to feed all the systems equally and strengthen the organs, allergic symptoms become a thing of the past.

Begin your own unique herbal treatment today. Balance is as simple as blending a packet of delicious concentrated herbal food supplements in a health shake or  sipping a concentrated green tea. Let your body balance itself out!

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