Kids Allergies

Kids health, our top priorityKids Allergies And Natural Relief

Kids and allergies, a tough combination and a chronic problem that is driving parents to look for natural allergy remedies and holistic herbal treatment. Kids allergies make playing outside a miserable experience. Allergy relief brings the freedom to have fun back to children.

Kids Allergies – A Top Childhood Chronic Disease

An estimated 50 million Americans have some type of allergy, which usually first appears during infancy or childhood. Any child may become allergic, but children from families with a history of allergy are more likely to suffer from allergies. Children may inherit the tendency to become allergic, however only some of them will develop active allergic symptoms.

Allergies can show up in different ways in children including:

  • Skin rashes (atopic dermatitis or eczema)
  • Asthma
  • Hay fever – watery eyes and runny nose  (allergic rhinitis),
  • Dark circles under the eyes and
  • Food allergies.

Hay fever is the most common kids allergy problem – striking just when the kids can go outside – although it can be a year-round problem! All those mucous allergy symptoms often lead to secondary problems like ear aches.

Parents can explore what foods and external allergens make their children react and start eliminating the foods, dust catchers in the bedroom and other measures. This helps control the allergy symptoms, but an holistic approach to allergy remedies takes into account increasing nutrition that helps the immune system.

Natural allergy remedies work great for children because they are health-building, effective and lack negative side effects. Families can use them along with traditional allergy medicines as well.

Children’s allergies seem to be on the upswing parallel to the increase of more processed foods with added chemicals, dyes  and preservatives in their diets. Children’s immune systems have been strained by the extra work demanded by the non-nutritious diet. From a natural remedies viewpoint, our children’s bodies need to be boosted with nutrient-dense, whole foods that will support their body’s balanced response to life.

An herbal treatment for allergies can be very simple. We have found safe, organic whole food herbal remedies that are ‘food grade’, meaning safe to take daily. These nutrient-dense herbs that deeply nourish at a cellular level and target the respiratory, immune and endocrine systems, and the body as a whole. With an herbal treatment program, children’s allergic responses and symptoms can be alleviated by using nutrition to relieve the underlying cause.

These Natural Allergy remedies boost and regenerate the body so a healthy response and balance can take place:

Nourish: with the nutrient-dense Nutritional Supplement (NP). NP product is a whole body tonic, a proprietary herb supplement that contains non-allergenic herbs such as coix fruit, lotus seed, fox nut, waterlily bulb and herbal nuts. It comes in delicious flavors of Berry, Banana, and Plain and nourishes with protein, essential fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates. This formula makes great herbal smoothies for children.

Balance: Nutritional Supplement (Q) that is fifty concentrated non-allergenic herbal foods! This provides a foundational nutrition for all five of the body’s systems – a tremendous help to the immune system, the one most taxed by allergies. Since this supplement does not have a salty or sweet taste it is not a taste children are used to. However, by adding Nutritional Supplement Q to a fruit smoothie, kids get the nutrition without a fuss.

Cleanse: with Herbal Tea formula (C) and Herbal Tea formula (FD). These delicious and rejuvenating concentrated whole food herbal beverages help cleanse the cellular system – and provide a healthy alternative to sugary lemonade or soft drinks. Children love the raspberry, lemon and peach flavored ice teas!

Contact us for help in finding the herbal remedies to kids allergies that can help your family stay active and healthy all year.