Food Allergies

Allergies and natural allergy reliefNatural Relief For Food Allergies

Do you have food allergies…and not know it? Ever get tired of having physical discomforts such as nasal stuffiness, intermittent aches and pains, headaches, diarrhea, sleeplessness or fluid retention?

You may be allergic or sensitive to the food you are eating.

A large factor in the increase in food allergies is that the American diet has gone from being 10% processed food 100 years ago to nearly 90% today.  A recent survey found that most people derive 80% of their calories from 11 foods.

When people find out to what foods they are allergic, their most common response is, “But I love that stuff, I eat it all the time!” Why are the same foods one craves the ones that are destructive to the body? Just like an alcoholic craves alcohol, people crave a food allergen because it staves off withdrawal symptoms.

The immune system reacts to the allergen with it’s chemical mediators, natural narcotic-like elements called opioids, that the brain releases to tranquilize the body. Otherwise  you woul feel like jumping out of your skin. This feedback cycle results in craving the allergenic food.

Three Type of Food Allergies

Presently three types of food allergies are recognized and are labeled by the type of antigen released by the immune system to contain the allergen.

The Type I allergy reaction occurs immediately after ingesting the food and shows up on a skin tests. It is the easiest to diagnose. However 95% of food allergies are Type II and III allergic reactions. These food allergies are harder to trace because their symptoms take from 1 hour to 3 days to appear and they do not provoke a skin reaction.

What Are The Signs Of Food Allergies?

There are several signs of food allergies:

  • Mucous production,
  • Digestive disorders such as bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation;
  • Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes,
  • Aching joints and,
  • Emotional reactions such as crying or irritability.

Food allergies block the proper digestion and absorption of nutrition, cause allergy/addiction eating syndromes, and wear down the immune system.

Who Are The Bad Guys?

Common food allergens are the foods that you eat the most: wheat, dairy, yeast, corn and peanut butter are common culprits. Cottonseed oil, the nightshade family (including white potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, tobacco and peppers) and soy beans are also common allergens.

The Allergy/Addiction Cycle

As an energy saving measure, your immune system adapts to a constant invader. It masks the invader with the physical relief of the opioids. The decrease of immune response also results in an impairment of your immune system’s ability to differentiate threats, or on the other extreme it can become hyper-vigilant and create a body immune to itself – autoimmunity.

What to do?  Three keys to resolving food allergies:

  • Rotating one’s diet,
  • Keeep track of various foods’ effects on your body and energy level,
  • Eat more fresh, whole foods instead of processed foods, and
  • Add concentrated herbal foods to your diet.

How Do You Spell Allergy Relief?

Organic Chinese herb supplements are formulas made from a variety of unusual(to Western diets) food sources that do not contain common allergens. And the nutrition they provide helps repair the immune system and regenerate the body’s health.

Here are the Allergy Formulas we recommend:

1. Herbal Nutritional Supplement (NP) is a great non-allergenic food because it contains a perfect blend of complex carbohydrates, plant protein and essential fatty acids. The pre-digested nature of Formula (NP) helps the body by giving it instant energy on the cellular level to burn up the toxic remnant of allergic reactions. By feeding the cell the proper nutrition, the cell is able to do its own maintenance and regeneration.

2 Herbal Food Concentrate Supplement (Q) contains 50 different herbal whole foods that  nourish and balance your body’s systems accelerate the process of rebuilding, repairing and regenerating. Formula (Q) balances the strength, vitality and communication between the five key systems- the immune, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and digestive systems.

3. Two Herbal Tea Formulas (C) and (FD): Herbal green teas that cleanse, revitalize and regenerate with natural anti-oxidants. Besides tasting delicious, they are alkaline and non allergenic in nature.  In an alkaline digestive environment, impurities are not absorbed into the system.  Besides aiding the body’s digestive process, these Tea formulas enhance the body’s cleansing process.

These herbal nutrition supplements facilitate your body’s ability to deal with and recover from food allergies by helping it nourish, balance and cleanse itself. They work whether you are dealing with a food allergy, or other type of allergy. Nutrition is the key. When our bodies are regenerating, allergies clear up!

Contact us for the perfect package to nourish, balance, cleanse and recover from food allergies.