Nutrition for maximum healthAllergies – Immune System Responses On Red Alert

Allergies are symptoms of our immune systems reaction to internal allergens, such as food allergies, or external allergens, such as dust, pollen and mold spores. A normal healthy body deals with allergens without much fuss, but an immune system under stress or weakened over-reacting to allergens needs allergy relief.

Western medicine tends to create allergy medicines that simply mask an allergic symptom and do nothing to help the over-reacting immune system. Instead the masking action can further the hammering of the immune system and simply cause another symptom – the body’s call for help – to arise somewhere else.

Chinese medicine’s approach to allergies was in line with their overall philosophy to health: treat the underlying system or organĀ  imbalance with nutrition and the symptoms will disappear. They experimented with different herbs, roots, nuts, seeds and herbal formulas too see what specific nutrition helped the body gain its balance and get all five systems working in harmony. Then the immune, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and hormonal systems all worked together in their building or constructive cycles and their controlling or balancing cycles.

This nutritional approach provides a different and very interesting perspective on the health of your body than just symptom suppression. When the systems are unbalanced, the immune system can over react to different things in theĀ  environment, causing allergies to well up. The immune system over-reaction cascaded into weakening the other systems. When these five systems are equally strong and balanced, our bodies are in harmony and allergic reactions can become less.

“A system ‘in balance’ adjusts itself and is self regulating.” Having five healthy body systems isn’t enough, just as five healthy athletes do not necessarily make a winning basketball team. There must be effective communication, along with balance and harmony, among the body’s systems so they can work in concert with one another. To promote a collective balance and well-being among the five major body systems and the various communication networks, this nutrient dense herbal formula contains 50 separate herbal foods that nourish and balance all the body organs.

Following the nutrition lead, we have found concentrated Chinese herb food supplements that are effective allergy remedies. These are not Chinese patent medicines, which use medicinal herbs as well as food herbs, to treat symptoms more along the Western medical route. These are nutritious herb foods that feed the body, do not force any action, and only safely and naturally promote health.

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