A Special Herbal Tea for the Holidays

December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the Health Benefits of a unique Herbal Tea this Holiday Season.

Imagine sipping a delicious herbal tea that makes your whole body feel nourished rather than artificially jump started with caffeine, additives, sugar, chemicals and preservatives.

Here is a  “delectably delightful” way to assist the body’s natural cleansing process with an herbal tea containing catechins, anti-oxidants, true flavors and cleansing herbs. It is also concentrated and pure.

Daily we ingest foods or drinks which may contain unnatural or undesirable elements. While many of the undesirable elements we take into our bodies are quickly eliminated, others may be stored or even trapped, especially in fat cells. This delicious herbal cleansing tea is a natural way to assist organic elimination processes and help the body in its natural “cleansing cycle.” When the body is nourished and cleansed with a concentrated “right combination” of properly formulated foods, it will achieve its own balance, and we will enjoy good health.

Here are some of the wonderful health benefits to our Herbal Tea Formula FD:

  • Light refreshing herbal beverage
  • Enjoy hot or cold
  • Establishes, maintains and increases energy
  • Increases alertness; sharpens mental powers
  • a Whole Food Beverage
  • Contains pure food grade herbs,fruits, and herbal nutrients
  • each packet is concentrated and enhanced into a  fine nutrient complex powder
  • contains protein
  • Vegetables in F.D. are good source of chlorophyll
  • Rich in electrolytes (great for athletes)
  • Helps the body to cleanse toxic buildups of any calcified inorganic mineral deposits
  • Better fat digestion
  • Restores the normal fat balance in the body
  • Promotes natural slenderness
  • Cleanses liver
  • Nourish the pineal gland and brain function
  • Emulsifies fat to be flushed from body
  • Support the organs of digestion: pancreas, stomach, gall bladder liver and intestines
  • Increases muscle tone and energy
  • Helps restore the fat / lean ratio of the body
  • Available in Regular, Raspberry, Peach, Lemon, and Cinnamon.


Mix one 3 gram packet of Herbal Tea Formula FD in eight ounces of hot or cold water. Drink as is, or sweetened with your favorite natural sweetener or stevia.

Available in ten packs or sixty packs of 3 gram powder packets.


All flavors contain a tasty blend of natural Camellia Extract, Lemon Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than one percent natural flavorings. Compare that to the energy drinks, sugared latte’s and flavored water being offered. Do your self a favor and try this tea.

This Special formulation of Herbal Tea is not available at many stores. Contact us to help you place your order.

We look forward to helping you order for the holidays!


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