Flow with the Water element: Daily Herbal Formula for the entire Circulatory System

July 31, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Water Element

Circulatory System Herbal Formula L

This unique Chinese herbal formulation gives nutritional support to the circulation and blood regulatory system. This system is known to herbalists as the system governed by the “water” element as it influences the “flow” of fluids, nutrition and blood to the body. This herbal formula:

  • Nourishes the circulation system
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Supports cleansing and clearing of  the blood vessels

Allows the capillaries to become strong and flexible (in order  to manage the exchange of food, oxygen and wastes with the tissues). This Circulatory System herbal formula supports the body in its creating and maintaining of:

  • Stronger capillaries
  • Stronger heart tone
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Lower cholesterol – reduces the free fat in the blood
  • May improve eyesight
  • Improves circulation
  • Strengthens the bowel and enhances cleansing of the intestinal system
  • Cleanses the blood and reduces clotting

The Chinese herbalists understood the important relationship between the blood and the transporting of nutrients to the entire body. Their studies showed the importance of maintaining correct blood pressure, capillary strength, strong heart tone, low levels of cholesterol and fats, and a strong nervous system.

The Circulatory herbal formula was developed as a food  to nourish the body, enhancing its natural ability to regulate circulatory processes. Correctly nourished, the circulatory system strengthens capillary walls to improve the transport of oxygen and fluids between the bloodstream and tissues.

This ancient formula was a proud accomplishment of ancient herbalists who developed a perfect balance of the eight vital ingredients. Circulatory Formula’s nutritional makeup encourages harmony in the body.

This herbal formula works in harmony with the other five element formulas to provide a perfect balance for your body’s ongoing needs. Contact us for help in ordering Circulatory System Herbal Formula L

Give Your Endocrine System a Safe Herbal Boost

July 27, 2010

Five Element Herbal Series

Fire Element

Endocrine System Herbal Formula PA

Endocrine Formula provides the body with the specific nutrients it needs to maintain balance in the reproductive systems and other glands of the endocrine system.

Endocrine glands exert their control on the body by producing hormones. The female reproductive hormones are estrogen and progesterone, while the male hormone is testosterone.

Reproductive regeneration takes place when the body is able to strengthen hormonal control, improving most all of the body processes.

Endocrine Formula also nourishes the body’s adrenal responses; and because the adrenal glands govern the body’s general response to stress, this special nourishment allows the body to balance its nervous system, stabilizing the emotional sense of stress management.

A laboratory study has shown that Endocrine Formula given to male animals increased production of testosterone to peak levels. Endocrine Formula is a complex formulation of many whole foods that enhances the powers of the body and provides a nutritional platform for the body’s use. Its ingredients are interwoven through unique processing to maximize nutritional value.

  • Strengthens the heart, kidney, spleen, stomach and liver
  • Feeds, nourishes and energizes the glandular system (endocrine, or hormone, system), particularly those that relate to reproduction
  • Slows down the aging process and preserves youthful vitality (Chinese found evidence that the body ages as its reproductive system declines and by strengthening the reproductive system the aging process is slowed down)
  • Regenerates the reproductive system
  • Feeds the ovaries
  • Helps with pregnancy and birth
  • Helps with PMS problems
  • Balances the emotional body (anger, depression, etc.)
  • Balances potassium
  • Helps the brain
  • Brings oxygen to the cells
  • Helps with circulation
  • Enhances body’s ability to recover from illness or injury
  • May increase red blood count
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Helps with the removal of toxic materials in the blood
  • Decreases allergic reactions, including hay fever relief
  • Reduces wrinkles

Hormones Are the messengers in the body:

  • They communicate in our body
  • 95% of hormones consist of protein
  • Many today suffer under hormone disabilities
  • People have difficulty digesting protein
This herbal formula is safe to take daily and helps to regenerate the reproductive system and helps keep the entire glandular system strong and vital. Please contact us for help in ordering
Endocrine Herbal Formula PA

Just Breathe- Gentle Herbal Supplement support for respiratory system

July 26, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Metal Element

Respiratory System Herbal Formula C

This is an ancient herbal formula designed to promote health with the “precious” or metal element system which allows us to breathe, transport oxygen to the cells and maintain healthy lymphatics and lung function.

The herbs are combined to enhance  healthy respiration and are food grade herbs, designed to be safely used daily. With the rise of asthma among children, many people are looking to natural respiratory support and nutritional supplements.


  • Nourishes the lymphatic and respiratory systems
  • Chi and breath are considered almost one and the same. Whatever hampers breathing hampers chi
  • Respiratory: Functions are closely related to the immune system
  • An overactive immune system can damage respiratory tissues
  • An underactive immune system allows respiratory infections like-colds, flu and pneumonia
  • This formula appears to nurture functions that support respiration and that protect it from damage
  • Protection against colds and flu
  • Relief of headaches, migraines and reduces cerebral swelling and pain
  • Relief of congestion in chest and head (sinuses, bronchials)
  • Protection against infections
  • Soothing of the stomach
  • Relief of allergies and building of body resistance.

Illness was perceived by the ancient eastern herbalists as a sign of weakness and vulnerability. Consequently, physicians were charged with the responsibility of developing a formula to sustain and promote good health.

Research has shown Respiratory Formula to be nourishing to the body allowing nutritional emphasis to be placed with the lymphatic, immune and respiratory systems.

The ancient Chinese herbalists attributed their good health to herbal nourishment that enhanced powers of resistance and maintaining a healthy respiratory system as a key line of defense.

You are what you eat and what you digest!

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formula Series

Earth Element

Digestive System Herbal Formula A

Energy is the key to life and light. Healthy digestion and assimilation is the necessary key for this energy to be accessible to us. The right nutritional supplements and whole food herbal concentrates can make all the difference in your well being.

The Earth element is manifested in our bodies as the digestive system which is responsible for assimilation and utilization of nutrition. Healing depends on digestion and all these processes working harmoniously together.

This Herbal Food Concentrate, Herbal Formula A is system specific to healthy digestion:

* Nourishes and balances the organs that support digestion so they give us right amount of enzymes and digestive juices when we need them

* Strengthens the link between digestive and nervous systems

* Rebuilds organs involved in digestion: mouth, stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal glands

* Better absorption, assimilation and distribution of nutrients (Research shows: more than 50% of population digests less than 50% of what they eat – lack of proper digestive juices)

* Nourishes body’s defenses against heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gastric ulcers, colic, gas

* Stronger liver function

* Improved appetite and sleep

* Ability to extract maximum nutrition from foods

* The Ancient Chinese used this Herbal formula to enhance and balance the digestive system. With select herbs, they were able to furnish the body with needed nutrients to stimulate, lubricate and equalize digestive processes.

* Digestion is one of the most important body processes. Through digestion and assimilation, nutrients are extracted from foods and transported to the various organs to help -maintain the overall balance of the body.

* Increased energy, alleviation of morning sickness and problems with ulcers and indigestion are all possible benefits of proper nourishment.

Many secretory glands are linked to the digestive system. These glands secrete fluids that aid digestion. The proper nutrients encourage the efficiency of the neighboring glands and improve the overall ability to digest foods properly.

The Digestive Formula Herbal Formula A is designed to give the body needed nutrients in a whole-food context that the body can use easily and completely.

The Chinese determined that an efficient digestive system could produce a wide range of health benefits, including: relief from stomach discomfort and digestive ailments, increased ability to tolerate a variety of foods, increased ability to extract nutritional value from foods and distribute them accordingly, stronger liver function, better sleep.

Be sure to eat the best of whole foods, herbal concentrates and assimilate it as well.

The Five Element Herbal Formulas can be used individually or in a single combination. The Herbal Five Element  Combination Formula is called Nutritional Supplement Q.

Please contact us directly for ordering any of these Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Concentrates.

Whole Food Herbal Formula to boost Immune System

July 24, 2010

Five Element Herbal Formulas Series

Wood Element

Immune System Formula- Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC

We offer a very specific nutritional supplement, a whole food formula that nourishes the immune system and strengthens the T-cells, which control the growth of dangerous, destructive cells and helps the body fight infections.

  • Gives protection against allergies, tumors
  • Reduction of painful and swollen lymph nodes
  • Reduced tendency toward infections, colds, flu
  • More rapid healing from infections
  • Reduces drainage from ears and eyes

Our immune system or defense system consists of cells that attack invaders and cells that suppress the invader’s attack. In a healthy immune system, the attacking and suppressing cells meet invaders with just the right degree of force. In simple terms, we become sick when these immune system forces lose their balance and the invader cells dominate.

  • Allergies come from too much attack.
  • Tumors, infectious diseases come from too much-suppression.

Support for the immune system, coming from whole food herbs became a necessary part of the daily health regime in Ancient China. These people ate and drank the herbs that were known to boost the defense system.Resistance to disease was a privilege of the ancient Chinese emperors because of the efforts of their valuable court doctors who worked with nature to keep the royal family and staff healthy. They developed a nutritional approach for immunity to disease and infection.

The emperors enjoyed good health because of the success of their approach in giving the body excellent nutritional fortification. They learned that nourishment of the body’s vital immune system increases the body’s ability to resist infectious agents.

This Nutritional Supplement and Herbal Concentrate Formula ATC is that same ancient herbal formula for the immune system.This Herbal Formula was recognized by health researchers as a balancing agent which nourished the body. The benefits recognized by them were those of protection and enhanced ability to fight disease.

The Chinese Emperors favored this formula and continued to hand down the detailed directions for formulation of whole foods for centuries.

Now this Nutritional Supplement supporting the Immune System, Herbal Formula ATC is available to you in capsule form, concentrated powder in packets, and in bulk.

Please contact us for help in ordering. We look forward to talking with you.

Powerful Chlorophyll Concentrate

July 24, 2010

Liquid Chlorophyll – Ever Great!

Liquid Chlorophyll is one of our favorite  nutritional supplements to add to any tea or juice. Most chlorophyll products on the market are chemically altered to make them more assailable. Our Source Company takes the chlorophyll, which is oil soluble, and binds or chelates it to minerals such as iron and zinc. This process makes it water soluble and easy for your body to assimilate, yet it does not change the chemical make-up of the chlorophyll.

Liquid Chlorophyll And A Healthy Pregnancy.

Many mothers-to-be use Liquid Chlorophyll to keep their hemoglobin levels high all the way to delivery and as a part of their postpartum recovery. One RN midwife took a woman’s blood sample twice because she could not believe how high her iron level was in the third trimester!

At 43 years young, ES not only kept her iron levels up by drinking a half a vial a day during the first two trimesters and a full vial during the last trimester, but she astounded her doctor by giving birth to a healthy boy in only three pushes. ES was also eating the  Nutritional Herbal Supplements foundational  Nourish/Balance/Cleanse program. Many people have said there is no comparison between a pregnancy with herbal supplements and concentrates and one without. Super nutrition greatly reduces some of the problems associated with pregnancy.

The Blood Builder & Cleanser Drink

Take 8 to 16 oz. cool drink of Herbal Tea Formula C, 1 vial of Liquid Chlorophyll,and a delicious teaspoon of Herbal Formula VF.

Chlorophyll is a necessary element in plants for the process of manufacturing carbohydrates and sugars from inorganic material. Iron, also found in green plants, helps the body build blood from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll’s chemical makeup is very close to hemoglobin’s. Where chlorophyll has a magnesium particle, hemoglobin has an iron particle. However, plants also change iron into a form that can be assimilated by the body. All this makes for healthy blood and a healthy body.

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